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About Pega Training

Being a Business Process Management tool, Pega helps in forming competent and intelligent business process applications for several fields including financial services, healthcare, banking, energy, media etc. Well, why do they use it? This is to organize the process flow.

The Pega tool is built on Java and applies Oops and Java concepts. With Pega, the highlight is that we need not develop the system from the scratch similar to traditional programming. This has led to its popularity. Pega Course in Chennai paves way to a lucrative job for the aspiring candidate.

Interactive Training

The Training sessions in SLA are highly interactive with dedicated attention to each individual.

Online Training

Corporate Training and Customized online Training In SLA Institute for the working professionals.

Practical Training

SLA Focus on not only theory but also practicals so that the student can gain real-time knowledge

Scope of Pega Training

We are seeing an upsurge in automation. So working with Pega is a great skill that is required by a candidate. Pega Training Institute in Chennai offers courses that are appropriate for both beginners and candidates with advanced knowledge.

Pega is the happening BPM tool in the market and talented professionals can make utmost use of it. There is no denying that the market is in the lookout for trained professionals. This tool turns out to be very popular throughout the world since it offers flexible and extendable features. Best Pega Training Center in Chennai imparts training in such a way that the candidate can create a competent business application.

Significance of Pega Training

Pega is applied to form and control web based applications with minimal effort. There is great streamlining attached in the functioning of Pega. Process-oriented and rule-dependent solutions and applications are formed and implemented using Pega.

Several elements in web based application are developed using Pega. This software, which is dependent on java concepts, is mainly focused on customer. Several organizations use this software to enhance customer experience and to enhance revenue growth . There is an enrichment of business process flow using Pega.

Career opportunities

This is a busy world and most of the IT companies are considering to enhance their automation and efficiency. The simple way to do is to use Pega since it lessens time in coding and deployment of resources. Pega is creating ripples in the market at present and the aspiring candidate can make use of the huge opportunity. It is one of the amazing BPM tools available nowadays. Process automation is achieved by BPM tools. Best Pega Course in Chennai helps you to understand the nuances of designing the business process. All you have to do is simply design and give a definition to the business process. Pega takes care of the task easily.

Who can attend?

  • Pega is appropriate for those IT professionals who are keen on becoming System Architects. It is not necessary to have knowledge of Java to get trained from Pega Training in Chennai. Both java and non-java professionals can make use of this powerful tool.

Pega Training Duration

TrackRegular ClassWeek-End ClassFast Class
Courses Duration45 – 60 Days8 Weekends5 Days
Hours2 hours a day3 hours a day6+ hours a day
Training ModeLive ClassroomLive ClassroomLive Classroom

Our Pega Training Syllabus

Introduction To Process Commander

  • What is BPM?
  • Why PEGA?
  • Competitors
  • PRPC Architecture and PRPC Usage
  • Six “R’s”

Application Architecture

  • Application Server
  • Java and Java Enterprise Edition
  • Common Rule types
  • PRPC Terms Open PRPC through different IDs and examinig the portals Examining Rules using Process Commander Portals and Basic rules examining the different type of portals and basic rule of pega

Understanding Work Class Structure

  • Data types and Data objects functionality
  • Parameters, select-options, ranges definition and usage
  • Field string concepts
  • Internal tables and Internal tables events
  • Classs / Objects
  • Work Pool ,Work Group
  • Class Inheritance

Building Class structures

  • Understanding Class Structure
  • Designing Class Hierarchy
  • Create a New Class
  • Creating new class

Understanding Properties and Data Classes

  • Property Mode
  • Property Types / Standard Properties

Creating Property and Model Rules

  • Page, Repeating Layouts
  • Create New Property
  • What is Model, Model Chaining
  • Creating New Property, Model and Create New Model

Introducing Process Flows

  • Flows and Different types of shapes in flow
  • Building Flow Rules
  • Edit a Flow using Visio
  • Open a flow using flow editor and made some changes and see the impact in our application

User Interface and Components of User Interface

  • Building the user interface
  • Enhancing the User interface
  • Creating new UI components

RuleSet and Security Overview

  • RuleSet/RuleSet Versions
  • Create RuleSet
  • Application Rule
  • Create Application
  • Access Group Create Access Group
  • Organization Hierarchy/Operator ID Creating own Organization Operator IDs Advanced Topics

Debugging Tools

  • Tracer
  • Clipboard
  • With the help these tools, debug our application
  • Rules Inspector

Declarative Rules

  • Declare Index First examine the built in rule,than create your own declare expression
  • Declare On Change
  • Declare Trigger
  • Forward and back word Chaining


  • A reasonable knowledge of OOPs concept

Why SLA for Pega Training

Softlogic Academy possesses a distinct style of teaching. We provide lessons applying practical methods that are well-equipped with examples. Since PEGA is making waves now, we train the aspiring candidates such that they feel confident about the PEGA knowledge and can clear interviews with ease. There is a rich infrastructure to learn Pega in SLA. One to one attention is also given to the candidate paving way to increased level of understanding in Pega concepts. The fees are affordable and free demo classes are provided to the candidates. Our courses are formed in such a way that they satisfy the real world requirements. We provide training dependent on trainee’s requirements.

Pega Training in Chennai SLA – Certification

A course completion certificate is a proof of your knowledge and would scale up your career. On completion of the Pega training, the student will receive a course completion certificate.

Automating manual work becomes very easy with this powerful tool. Well, are you looking out for a lucrative career in Pega? Were you thinking of learning Pega BPM tool and accidentally landed in our page? You are on the right track. Enroll in SLA and get the full benefit of learning Pega.

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Pega Training in Chennai

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