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    PHP Course Syllabus

    PHP Training Syllabus

    Discover how interactive and dynamic pages are developed by expert web designers and developers by learning in our PHP Course Syllabus. Create your first website at the completion of our PHP Training Course in Chennai as we have designed a perfectly-aligned PHP Course Curriculum. You can learn an introduction to PHP programming, scripting language fundamentals, identifiers, control flow basics, functional basics, and developing apps for real-time data.

    Intro To Programming

    • Language And The Logic Of Programming
    • Types Of Programming Languages And Vocabulary
    • What Is PHP
    • Why Use PHP

    PHP Language Basics

    • Syntax
    • Quotes
    • Comments
    • Special Characters
    • Data Types
    • Precedence
    • Symbols
    PHP Identifiers
    • Variables
    • Constants
    • Arrays
    PHP Control Flow Basics
    • Operators
    • Conditionals
    PHP Functional Basics
    • Functions
    • Function Design Tools
    • File Systems (Handling)
    File System Basics
    • Constants
    • Commonly Used File Functions
    • File System Performance
    PHP Web Concepts
    • Client/Server Communications
    • How To Embed PHP Into HTML
    • How To Embed HTML Into PHP
    • Cookies
    • Sessions
    PHP Database Basics
    • Introduction To Relationship Databases
    • Keywords And Statements In SQL
    • Using PHP Functions With The MySQL Data Engine
    Developing PHP Apps
    • Defining A Solution Without Writing Code
    • Organizing A Concept Solution
    • Creating A Program Skeleton
    • Defining Error Checking Requirements
    • Introduction To Application Security
    Challenge Project
    • Coding An Order Inquiry Application

    SLA Institute has excellent and experienced trainers to provide the best PHP Training in Chennai. Learn to develop dynamic websites with our detailed PHP Course Curriculum.

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