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    React JS Course Syllabus

    React Js Training Syllabus

    Gain expertise in Web Development and Web App Development through our well-framed React.JS Course Syllabus. We will cover in-demand industry skills such as basics and in-depth web development, JavaScript, Original and Virtual DOM, Components, Node, NPM, Add or remove modules, JSX, ES6, and Props and State in our React.JS Course Curriculum at SLA Institute.

    React JS Course – React JS Training

    React Js Syllabus

    • Top Level Content
    • JavaScript – Basics And In-Depth
    • React – Basics And In-Depth
    • Node-Basics
    • React With Node
    • JavaScript
    • Basics Of JavaScript
    • JavaScript In Depth
    • Creating Classes
    • Creating Private/Public/Global Fields
    • Creating Private/Public/Global Functions
    • Dynamic Rendering With JavaScript
    • Events
    • React
    • Introduction To React
    • Original DOM Vs Virtual DOM
    • React Components
    • React Components With JSX
    • React Components With ES6
    • Props And State
    • Node
    • Basics Of Node And Installation
    • Introduction To Npm
    • Adding And Removing Modules
    Deep dive into the web development platform with our perfectly designed React.JS Course Syllabus. We at SLA provide the best React.JS Training in Chennai for global aspirants.

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