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    Scrum Master Course Syllabus

    Scrum Master Training Syllabus

    Scrum is a powerful Agile framework that paves the way for the success of a project. Get knowledge of it from experts at SLA Institute, and benefit from the thorough Scrum Master course syllabus.


    • An Overview of Agile
    • Why Agile?
    • Significance of Agile
    • Agile Manifesto
    • Various Principles in Agile
    • History of Agile
    • Agile Frameworks
    • Project Management: The Changing Scenario
    • Agile: Traditional Approach
    • Agile Facts and Figures
    • Agile: Estimating, Planning, Monitoring, and Control
    • Agile on Complex Projects

    Agile Planning, Estimation, and Analysis

    • Understanding Agile Planning
    • Understanding Agile Monitoring and Adapting
    • Task/Kaban Boards
    • What is Timeboxing?
    • Planning: Iteration and Release Planning
    • WIP Limits
    • Burn Down/Up Charts
    • Understanding Cumulative Flow Diagrams
    • Defining Process Tailoring
    • Variance and Trend Analysis
    • What is Backlog grooming and Refinement
    • Product Feedback Loop
    • Agile Estimation
    • Relative Sizing and Story Points
    • Wide Band Delphi
    • Planning Poker
    • Estimating Affinity
    • Ideal Time
    • Agile Analysis and Design
    • What is a Product Roadmap?
    • User Stories/Backlog
    • Understanding Progressive Elaboration
    • Wireframes, Chartering, and Personas
    • What is Agile Modelling
    Agile Communication, Soft Skills, and Product Quality
    • Agile Communication
    • Understanding Information Radiator
    • Agile Tooling
    • Osmotic Communications
    • Two-way Communication
    • Daily Stand-Ups
    • Active Listening
    • Brainstorming
    • Feedback Methods and their Significance
    • Ensuring Product Quality
    • Verification and Validation
    • Development: Test-Driven and Test First
    • The Process of Continuous Integration
    • Exploratory Testing and its Significance
    • Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence
    • Collaboration and Adaptive Leadership
    • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
    Risk Management
    • What is Risk Management?
    • Risk-Adjusted Backlog
    • Risk Based and Architectural Spike
    • Earned Value Management(EVM)
    • Value Stream Mapping
    • Value Based Prioritization
    • Customer-Valued Prioritization
    • Minimal Viable Product
    • An Overview of Scrum
    • Features of Scrum
    • Product Owner
    • Planning Poker
    • What is Sprint
    • Scrum Master
    • Manager in Scrum
    • Scrum Pre-planning meeting
    • Sprint Calendar
    • DONE
    • Working of Sprint
    • The Sprint backlog
    • Updating Sprint Backlog
    • Daily Scrum Meeting
    • Sprint Review and Retrospective
    Scrum Metrics, Planning, and Estimation
    • Iterations
    • Business Value Delivered
    • Velocity
    • BurnDown
    • Code Coverage and Pairing
    • Release Planning
    • Velocity and Historical Data
    • Planning a Release in Scrum
    • Advantages and Disadvantages of Scrum
    • Best Practices in Scrum

    Learn all that is needed to guide a Scrum team from SLA Institute! Get comprehensive insights about the concept from the well-defined Scrum Master course syllabus.


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