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      Selenium Course Syllabus

      Selenium Testing Training Syllabus

      Our Selenium Course Syllabus gives a comprehensive explanation of how to enable the automation testing to fasten up the SDLC activities. You will learn the basics of test automation, Selenium IDE, Commands, Building Test Cases, Executing Test Cases, Locating Elements, Pattern Matching, and wait for Commands, Store Commands, Echo, Debugging, IDE Tests, and Selenium Test Runner in our industry-based Selenium Course Curriculum. The students can customize our Selenium Course Content as per their learning requirements with satisfying hands-on exposure.

      Selenium Introduction

      • Test Automation
      • Automation Advantages
      • Introduction to Selenium
      • Brief history of Selenium Project
      • Selenium’s Tools Suite
      • Supported Browsers and platforms
      • Differences between Selenium and QTP

      Selenium IDE

      • Selenium IDE introduction
      • Installing IDE
      • IDE features(ICONs)
      • Building Test Cases
      • Running Test Cases
      • Selenium commands-Selenese
      • Verifying Page Elements
      • Assertion Vs Verification
      • Locating Elements (Element Locators)
      • Pattern Matching
      • The “AndWait” Command
      • WaitFor command in AJAX
      • Store commands and Selenese Paramenters
      • Echo – Selenium Print command
      • Alerts, Popups & Multiple windows
      • Debugging
      • Writing a Test Suite
      • IDE Test on different browsers
      • Troubleshooting
      • Selenium Test Runner
      Realtime Selenium Project
      • What is ajax
      • Group Project
      • Implementation Project

      Selenium Course Syllabus designed at SLA Institute creates worldwide opportunities to work for the industries related to the automated testing field. We are offering the best Selenium Course in Chennai for global learners.

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