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Top 10 Real-Time Artificial Intelligence Applications

Published On: October 19, 2022

As soon as they hear the words “artificial intelligence,” the majority of people immediately envision robots. That’s because Hollywood and fiction writers frequently depict humanoid robots having a dramatic impact on Earth. The opposite, however, is true.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): What Is It?

The term “artificial intelligence” (AI) is used to describe the use of computer programming to create machines with human-like cognitive behavioral capabilities. The word can also be used to describe any mechanical system that demonstrates intellectual capabilities typically associated with humans.

The capacity of artificial intelligence to reason and execute actions that possess the best likelihood of reaching a particular objective is its ultimate quality. Machine learning (ML) is a branch of AI that enables computers to figure out how to use new information effectively without human intervention. This autonomous learning is made possible by deep learning methods, which can take in vast volumes of unstructured data including text, photos, and videos. Join the AI training in Chennai to get insights on AI applications.

Understanding of AI

Artificial intelligence is founded on the idea that human intelligence can be represented in such a manner that a computer can efficiently recreate it and accomplish tasks, no matter how straightforward or challenging it may be. Artificial intelligence intends to imitate cognitive abilities in human beings. Researchers and developers in the field are making unexpectedly rapid progress in simulating cognitive processes including learning, reasoning, and perception, to the degree that they can be characterized in a realistic context. Some people think that in the not-too-distant future, technology will allow us to build systems with capabilities well beyond those of human beings in terms of learning and reasoning. However, some people are still hesitant because all thinking involves making moral decisions that are grounded in individual experience.

As our understanding of AI grows, the traditional criteria we use to measure it will become inadequate. Optical character recognition and other forms of fundamental computation are now considered intrinsic computer functions, hence machines that perform these tasks are no longer believed to represent artificial intelligence.

There are a wide variety of sectors that can profit from AI’s ongoing development. A collaborative method that draws from various fields, including computer science, Mathematics, linguistics, psychology, and more is used to construct AI devices. Learn a Machine Learning course in Chennai to know how AI and Machine learning are interrelated.

Different Forms of Artificial Intelligence

There are two types of Artificial Intelligence, and they are weak and strong, respectively. Weak AI is a computer program that can only perform one specific task. Video games like chess, as well as digital assistants like Alexa and Siri, are examples of weak AI systems. If you have a query, just ask the assistant and it will provide you with an answer.

An AI system is deemed strong if it can perform activities that humans are typically thought to be capable of. These are typically more involved and intricate systems. They are pre-set to deal with challenges that call for problem-solving without human intervention. Typical uses for such technology include autonomous vehicles and surgical suites.Join the AI course in Chennai to explore the vast field of Artificial intelligence.

Which Four Varieties of AI Exist?

There are essentially four distinct kinds of Artificial Intelligence.

Reactive AI

The goal of reactive AI is to maximize results from a given set of inputs. Artificial intelligence that plays chess, for instance, are dynamic algorithms that constantly adjust to find the most effective moves. Most reactive AI is static, meaning it can’t learn new tricks or adjust to unexpected circumstances. Therefore, it will always give the same result when fed the same data.

Limited Memory AI

Limited Memory Artificial intelligence (AI) has the ability to learn from its mistakes and improve itself as it gathers more information. In many cases, memory is short and the amount of updates is restricted (thus the name). For instance, autonomous vehicles can “read the road” and adjust to new circumstances, even “learning” from previous encounters. Enroll in the best AI training institute in Chennai to increase your employability.

Theory-of-mind AI

Theory-of-mind Artificial intelligence is capable of rapid adaptation and has a vast memory for new information. This artificial intelligence is so advanced that a human being might be fooled into thinking they are conversing with a real person over chat. These AI are astounding in their sophistication, but they lack self-awareness.

Self-Aware AI

By definition, self-aware AI is an artificial intelligence that has achieved sentience and an awareness of its own existence. There are others who think conscious or “living” artificial intelligence will always remain a science fiction fantasy. Explore the applications of AI and empower in your career with AI training in Chennai.

How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Utilized Today?

Today, AI is employed in a wide variety of contexts, often with varying degrees of sophistication. Many people are already familiar with the benefits of AI, such as software applications that offer new content you might enjoy and chatbots that can be found on websites or in the form of intelligent speakers (e.g., Alexa or Siri). Predicting the weather and the economy, streamlining production, and reducing duplicate cognitive labor are just a few of the many uses for artificial intelligence (e.g., tax accounting or editing). Many more applications, from video games to driverless vehicles to language processing, rely on AI. To that end, let’s look into how artificial intelligence is saving the world and, at long last, making life better for all of us.

  • AI In Banking
  • AI In Healthcare
  • AI In Finance
  • AI In Marketing
  • AI In Agriculture
  • AI In Space Exploration
  • AI In Autonomous Vehicles
  • AI In Gaming
  • AI In Artificial Creativity
  • AI In Chatbots

Enroll the best software training in Chennai to understand the application of AI, machine learning, and deep learning, which are closely related.

AI In Banking

More banks are implementing AI solutions than you may think. Many financial institutions have already begun using AI-based systems for customer service, anomaly detection, and credit card fraud prevention. HDFC Bank is a prime example of this type of institution.

HDFC Bank has partnered with Senseforth AI Research in Bengaluru to create a chatbot called EVA (Electronic Virtual Assistant).

Since its inception, Eva has responded to more than 3 million customer inquiries, communicated with more than half a million distinct customers, and engaged in more than a million conversations. Eva can sift through information from tens of thousands of sources and return concise solutions in under forty-five hundredths of a second.

It’s not a novel idea to employ AI in the fight against fraud. In fact, artificial intelligence technologies can be implemented to improve safety in a wide range of industries, from retail to finance.

To further prevent fraud, security experts are tracking card usage and endpoint access. With the use of AI, businesses may track these processes by studying the habits of financial dealings.

Since their inception, companies like MasterCard and RBS WorldPay have used AI and Deep Learning to monitor transactions for suspicious activity and prevent card fraud. Because of this, a lot of money was saved. Learn AI course now from the best AI training institute in Chennai.

AI In Healthcare

AI is being relied on by many hospitals and other medical facilities in an effort to save human lives. Patients in a wide variety of countries have benefited from the use of AI in healthcare.

Cambio Health Care, a company dedicated to improving patient health, has created a clinical decision support system for stroke prevention that can alert doctors when a patient is in danger of a heart attack.

Coala life, another such business, has developed a digitalized device for diagnosing heart problems.

Aifloo is also working on a system to monitor the health of those receiving care in institutional settings like nursing homes and houses. The most exciting aspect of AI in medicine is that new drugs aren’t even required. It is possible to save lives with no more effort beyond properly administering a drug already on the market. As AI is empowering the world, enrich your career with AI training in Chennai.

AI In Finance

Computers and data scientists are increasingly being relied upon by startups to forecast market behavior. To succeed in trading, one must have a high degree of confidence in one’s ability to foresee potential outcomes.

Machines excel at this because they can process vast amounts of data quickly. Computers may also be trained to recognize trends in historical data and make educated guesses about how those trends will play out in the future.

During this era of ultra-high-frequency trading, financial institutions are increasingly relying on AI to help them trade stocks more efficiently and earn more money.

Nomura Securities, the most important Japanese brokerage firm, is one example. Reluctantly, the company has been working towards one goal: using computers to examine the knowledge of professional stock traders. Nomura is finally releasing a whole new stock trading system after years of development.

A great deal of historical pricing and trading information is archived in the new system’s database. It will draw upon this store of knowledge to make inferences and predictions; for instance, it may conclude that the current market conditions are comparable to the conditions two weeks ago and forecast how share prices will be changing a few minutes from now. If market prices can be forecasted, traders will be able to make more informed decisions. Move ahead in your career with Machine Learning training in Chennai.

AI In Marketing

Marketing is the art of showcasing the positive aspects of a product in order to increase sales. We, humans, are pros at sugarcoating, but what if a bot or algorithm is designed to push a product or service? That’s a fairly cool use case for it to fill!

In the early 2000s, it was a nightmare to search an online store for a product without knowing its exact name. But now, when we look for a product on any online retailer, we get every result that even remotely relates to the one we were looking for. These search engines are almost psychic! Within seconds, we have a complete inventory of everything that fits the bill. Finding the right films on Netflix is a good illustration of this.

The fact that Netflix offers highly accurate prediction technology based on user reactions to films is a big factor in the service’s popularity. Millions of records are analyzed to determine what TV episodes and movies you would enjoy based on your past behaviors and preferences. This technology is always improving as more data is added.

As AI develops, it might soon be possible for shoppers online to just take a picture of an item they want and have it shipped to them. Already, businesses like CamFind and their rivals are experimenting with this. Learn the Deep Learning course in Chennai to extend your horizon.

AI In Agriculture

Here’s a scary statistic: by 2050, we’ll have eaten through all of the world’s food supply, therefore we’ll need to create 50 percent more. Only by being more frugal with our resources, this can be feasible. Therefore, AI can aid farmers in increasing output while decreasing waste.

Climate change, population expansion, and worries about a nation’s ability to provide its citizens with enough food have all prompted businesses to look for new ways to increase harvests.

To aid farmers in developing effective weed-prevention strategies, many organizations are turning to automation and robotics.

In order to keep an eye on cotton plants and apply weed killer precisely, Blue River Technology has created a robot called See & Spray that employs computer vision technologies such as object detection. The development of herbicide resistance can be inhibited by means of targeted spraying.

In addition, PEAT, a Berlin-based agricultural technology startup, has created a tool called Plantix that can analyze soil photos for signs of damage or nutrient deficits.

When you use the user’s smartphone camera, the picture recognition program may pinpoint potential flaws. The system then gives the user access to a variety of soil restoration methods, guidelines, and recommendations. The firm asserts that its product can do pattern detection with an estimated accuracy of up to 95%. Explore AI with AI training in Chennai.

AI In Space Exploration

Data analysis is a constant companion to space missions and discoveries. When dealing with such a massive amount of data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are your greatest bets. Astronomers utilized artificial intelligence to sift through years of data acquired by the Kepler telescope and confirm the existence of an extrasolar system with eight planets.

NASA’s upcoming Mars rover mission, Mars 2020 Rover, will also employ AI technology. The artificial intelligence-based AEGIS rover has already arrived on Mars. Cameras used in rover exploration of Mars are autonomously targeted by the rover itself. Gain knowledge about various applications in AI by enrolling in the AI course in Chennai.

AI In Autonomous Vehicles

The concept of autonomous vehicles has been widely talked about by artificial intelligence experts for quite some time. The introduction of fully autonomous vehicles will unquestionably cause massive changes in the transportation sector.

When companies like Waymo were getting ready to launch their first public AI-based ride-hailing service, they did a lot of testing in Phoenix first. The vehicle’s radar, cameras, GPS, and cloud services all feed data into the AI system, which in turn generates the control signals that keep the vehicle moving.

The vehicle’s surroundings can be precisely predicted using cutting-edge Deep Learning techniques. Because of this, Waymo vehicles are more efficient and secure than ever before.

The Tesla self-driving car is another well-known instance of an autonomous vehicle. Computer vision, image detection, and deep learning are all components of artificial intelligence that contribute to the development of self-driving cars.

When discussing the use of artificial intelligence in Tesla’s autopilot and self-driving systems, Elon Musk is very emphatic. AI training in Chennai gives you extensive knowledge about AI with hands-on experience.

AI In Gaming

The use of AI in games has increased dramatically in recent years. One of AI’s most notable applications is in video games. One of the most notable achievements in AI is DeepMind’s AI-based AlphaGo software, which is famous for defeating Lee Sedol, the world champion in the game of GO.

Soon after this success, DeepMind released an improved version of AlphaGo called AlphaGo Zero, which ultimately prevailed in an AI versus AI match. When compared to the original AlphaGo, which DeepMind educated with time, data, and human supervision, the more advanced system, AlphaGo Zero, learned to win by itself.

First Encounter Assault Recon, or F.E.A.R. for short, is a first-person shooter video game that makes use of artificial intelligence. But what really sets this game apart?

Due to the game’s architecture, the AI foes’ behaviors are always surprising, as they learn as they go and never make the same mistakes twice. As the stakes rise, they rise to the challenge. Due to the difficulty of the game, participants are encouraged to adopt a variety of tactics and seating arrangements throughout the game.

AI In Artificial Creativity

Did you ever think about what might happen if a computer with artificial intelligence tried to make music or art?

MuseNet, an AI-based music composition system, can now create classical music in the style of classical music titans like Bach and Mozart. It is a deep neural network that can create four-minute pieces using ten instruments and a wide variety of musical styles, from country to Mozart to the Beatles. Since MuseNet was not pre-trained to recognize musical concepts, it had to learn on its own how to recognize common musical elements like harmony, rhythm, and style.

Wordsmith, a content automation tool built with AI, is another innovative AI creation. Wordsmith is a system for generating text automatically, which can be used to turn raw data into meaningful stories. WordSmith is used by large technology companies such as Yahoo, Microsoft, and Tableau to produce 1.5 billion pieces of content annually. Learn Machine Learning course in Chennai under the supervision of professional experts.

AI In Chatbots

Virtual assistants are now widely used in many different industries. These days, almost every home has a digital assistant that manages the electronics there. Siri and Cortana are two examples of voice assistants that are gaining traction due to the quality of the user experience they offer.

One application of AI is Amazon’s Echo, which uses voice commands to trigger predetermined responses. This gadget can carry out a wide variety of tasks at your direction using natural language processing and speech recognition. It’s capable of more than just playing music. It may be used to manage home appliances, call taxis, make phone calls, place food orders, monitor the weather, and much more.

Millions of people have been blown away by Google Duplex, Google’s brand-new virtual assistant. It’s humanlike in that it can handle incoming calls and schedule meetings on your behalf.

Using algorithms for natural language processing and machine learning, the device can interpret your requests and carry them out, allowing you to do things like managing your schedule, operating your smart home, booking a reservation, and so on just by talking to it.

AI in Social Media

Since we have come to see ourselves in our online interactions (through chats, tweets, blogs, etc.), we have generated an enormous amount of data. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are ubiquitous in today’s information-rich world.

Face verification on social media sites like Facebook uses AI in the form of machine learning and deep learning to identify users based on their likeness. Using a large number of deep neural networks, Deep Learning can extract even the most minute details from an image. However, machine learning algorithms are employed to tailor content to your preferences.

Twitter’s AI, for instance, is being used to detect and remove terrorist and hateful words from the platform’s messages. To remove offensive material, it employs Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing. Nearly all of the 300,000 accounts linked to terrorists were uncovered and blocked by the company’s AI-powered robots. AI training in Chennai lets you become an expert in Artificial Intelligence.

Things to Keep in Mind

Science and the general public have been observing the development of AI since it was first introduced. There’s a recurring motif that machines will eventually outpace humanity and take off on their own, remaking themselves at an exponential rate.

Another issue is the potential for machines to invade people’s personal space and potentially be used as weapons. The ethics of AI and whether or not intelligent systems like robots should be granted human rights are other topics of discussion.

Machines used in self-driving automobiles are typically built with as little potential for harm and as few casualties as feasible, which has sparked some debate. These vehicles would determine the least damaging course of action in the event of a simultaneous collision with one or more people.

Many individuals also worry that AI will have a negative impact on jobs in the future. There is a worry that people may be forced out of the labor sector as more and more businesses try to automate tasks using clever gear. It’s possible that self-driving cars could render taxis and ridesharing services redundant, and that factories will be able to quickly replace human workers with robots, rendering many jobs obsolete.


In many fields, AI is already solving intractable issues and has the potential to usher in a new era of productivity. Do you concur with our selection of AI-based software? Do you have any suggestions as to what we could have overlooked? Or, do you need to ask us anything else? If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to leave them below. Your response would make our day!

Check out our AI training in Chennai and Machine Learning training in Chennai if you want to further your education and career in this cutting-edge area. This intensive training is presented in conjunction with subject matter specialists, and it equips students with all the skills, resources, and information they’ll need to further their careers.

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