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RPA Tools Comparisons

Published On: November 2, 2023

In the realm of automation, finding the right RPA tool is key. Explore our blog for a concise “Comparison of RPA Tools” to make an informed choice.

In the world of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the choice of tools is essential to success. This Comparison of RPA Tools will assist you in selecting the ideal RPA tool to enhance efficiency and streamline your business processes.

In the contemporary market, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) stands out as an innovative technology designed to streamline and automate routine tasks. To advance your career in RPA, it’s imperative to equip yourself with the right RPA tools.

Pursuing online RPA training or obtaining certification in Automation Anywhere is a key stepping stone toward becoming a proficient RPA developer. This comprehensive article on RPA Tools will explore a range of pertinent topics, providing you with valuable insights.

Before we dive into the Comparison of RPA Tools, let’s take a moment to gain a concise understanding of RPA.

What is RPA?

RPA experts rely on a set of software programs referred to as RPA tools. These tools facilitate system development and related tasks, making them more accessible.

However, to harness the full potential of these tools, one must possess the necessary knowledge and skills, as their true power remains untapped without these competencies.

Understanding the capabilities of RPA tools is important for gaining a deeper insight into their functionality. This foundational knowledge forms the basis for comprehending the additional insights discussed in this section.

Through the utilization of RPA tools, experts can automate routine, rule-based tasks across a spectrum of business processes, leading to streamlined operations and heightened efficiency. In essence, they serve as indispensable assets for any organization seeking to simplify processes, reduce costs, and leverage the benefits of automation.

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What are the features of RPA?

Every Robotics Process Automation (RPA) tool must incorporate three essential functionalities:

  1. Seamless System Interaction: The RPA tool’s bot responsible for executing tasks should possess the ability to interact effectively with other systems. This interaction can be achieved through methods like screen scraping or API integrations, ensuring smooth communication with external applications.
  2. Self-Replication Capability: The tool should be equipped with optimization and technology that enables it to create duplicate bots. In essence, it should have the capacity to generate copies of itself, enhancing scalability and efficiency.

AI Integration and Learning: The bot within the RPA tool should be seamlessly integrated with artificial intelligence (AI). It should have the capability to learn from user actions and its own activities, utilizing this knowledge to autonomously automate processes. This integration with AI enhances adaptability and efficiency in handling tasks.

Types of Robotic Process Automation tools

RPA tools fall into four different categories, combining a wide spectrum of automation capabilities:

Hacks and MacrosThese tools, while relatively basic, were utilized for simple automation of minor processing tasks. They lacked reliability and scalability but did boost productivity to some extent.
Programmable BotsProgrammable bots followed a structured programming pattern, making them user-friendly. They excelled in interacting with other systems and providing specific data as required.
Self-learning ToolsThe advent of self-learning bots marked a significant advancement in automation. These tools enhance productivity by learning from their actions, continuously improving without human intervention.
Intelligence/Cognitive Automation ToolsCognitive automation tools are a prized asset in the RPA field. They can handle complex and random data, even generating designs from seemingly nonsensical inputs that would confound a human observer.

These four categories collectively encompass the diverse capabilities and applications of RPA tools.

List of RPA Tools

When it comes to comparing RPA tools, there are numerous factors and aspects to consider. These can range from ease of accessibility to the availability of free trial versions. The market offers a variety of Robotic Process Automation tools, and some notable options include:

UiPath: A leading user-friendly RPA platform.
Automation Anywhere: Scalable RPA tool with cognitive automation.
Blue Prism: Offers robust security and broad application compatibility.
WorkFusion: Combines RPA and cognitive automation.
OpenSpan (now Pega Robotics): Includes workforce analytics.
Kofax: Provides intelligent automation with RPA.
NICE Robotic Automation: Integrates advanced AI and real-time analytics.
Microsoft Power Automate: Part of the Microsoft ecosystem for RPA.
EdgeVerve AssistEdge: Features AI-powered automation.
WinAutomation: Versatile RPA for repetitive tasks.
ElectroNic RPA: Cloud-based RPA for SMBs.
Softomotive (acquired by Microsoft): Offers RPA and process analytics.
AntWorks: Combines RPA with cognitive automation.
Jiffy RPA: Cost-effective solution for task automation.
Kryon Systems: User-friendly RPA tool.

As evident from the information above, each RPA tool comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, in terms of market leadership, the renowned trio consists of

  • Blue Prism,
  • UiPath, and
  • Automation Anywhere.

For a detailed breakdown of the differences among these tools, please analyze the following details:.

Before delving into the Comparison of RPA Tools, let’s get a brief view of these three popular tools.

Blue Prism:

Blue Prism is a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software platform designed to automate business processes. It offers a comprehensive set of tools and features for automating repetitive, rule-based tasks in various industries. Blue Prism is known for its strong security features and scalability, making it a popular choice for large enterprises.

Key features and capabilities of Blue Prism include a visual design interface for building automation workflows, the ability to interact with a wide range of applications, and support for both attended and unattended automation. It also offers features for process analytics, monitoring, and managing the robot workforce.

Blue Prism is often used to streamline operations, reduce human error, and increase efficiency by automating tasks such as data entry, data extraction, and data processing.

It is considered one of the market leaders in the RPA industry and is widely adopted by organizations looking to improve their business processes through automation.

Blue Prism, a market leader in RPA, excels at streamlining operations, reducing errors, and enhancing efficiency through automation. Join our Blue Prism Training in Chennai to master RPA and elevate your career. 


One well-known Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software platform that helps companies automate a variety of tasks is called UiPath. It provides a flexible and easy-to-use automation solution that both tech-savvy and non-technical users can use.

In basic terms, UiPath is a visual development interface which makes it easier to create automation workflows for everything from simple data entry to complex procedures involving several software systems.

One of the best features about UiPath is its large library of pre-made automation components, or “activities,” which make it easy to quickly customize and integrate operations. Productivity is increased with UiPath, which supports both attended and unattended automation scenarios.

It centralizes robot administration and provides control and insights for effective, error-free automation with its Robot Process Automation Orchestrator. UiPath, to put it briefly, is a revolutionary force in automation, optimizing processes, cutting down on errors, and freeing up human resources for more critical projects.

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Automation Anywhere:

Automation Anywhere is a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform, designed to streamline business processes. It offers an intuitive interface for building automation workflows, making it accessible to a wide range of users. This RPA solution is highly scalable, suitable for both small and large enterprises.

Automation Anywhere supports both attended and unattended automation, where software robots can collaborate with human workers or operate autonomously. Its cognitive automation capabilities, including natural language processing and machine learning, enable it to handle unstructured data and make intelligent decisions.

The platform emphasizes analytics and control, allowing organizations to monitor and manage the performance of their digital workforce. Automation Anywhere is a robust tool for enhancing efficiency, reducing errors, and empowering employees to focus on strategic tasks, making it a valuable asset in the world of automation.

Explore the advantages of harnessing the capabilities of Automation Anywhere within the realm of RPA to optimize its features and maximize its benefits.

Comparison of RPA Tools

Following is the RPA Tools Comparison, which analyzes the significant differences of Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, and UiPath.

AspectUiPathBlue PrismAutomation Anywhere
Community/Free EditionOffers a recently launched free edition.Recently introduced a Community Edition.Provides a Community Edition.
PopularityMore popular compared to Automation Anywhere.Slightly less popular than the other two.Not as popular as UiPath.
Programming Knowledge RequiredNo programming knowledge required.Allows coding but not mandatory.No programming knowledge is necessary.
Training and Certification ProgramsOffers free online training and certification programs.Provides an official certification program.Recently introduced a $50 certification program.
Automation Across PlatformsSupports desktop, web, and Citrix automation.Primarily designed for Citrix automation in BPO.Offers reasonable automation across various platforms.

These detailed comparisons serve as valuable resources for individuals seeking to make an informed choice among RPA tools. The comprehensive assessment empowers candidates to carefully consider the RPA tool that best aligns with their organization’s specific needs and challenges.

It enables them to make a well-informed decision that is tailored to the unique problems they aim to solve through RPA implementation.


In the end, the RPA Tools Comparison reveals the advantages and unique features of every platform. Ultimately, it comes down to the specific needs of the organization. Blue Prism provides strong protection for businesses who prioritize security, while UiPath is community-driven and easy to use.

Cognitive automation and accessibility make Automation Anywhere exceptional. Community editions and certification initiatives have a further effect on the choice. It is vital to choose the RPA tool that most closely matches the specific goals and challenges of the organization.

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