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Software Tester Salary in India for Freshers and Experienced 2022

Published On: November 5, 2022


The goal of software testing is to find and fix bugs and ensure that the final product satisfies the needs of the customer. It involves running software components with both human and machine assistance tO test for a wide range of characteristics.

For instance, before an app’s release, the developer typically submits a software build for testing. During testing, the software is put through its paces in a number of different ways, all the time with the end users in mind. These testing procedures ensure that the program works perfectly for users right from the start.

White box testing and black box testing are two alternative names for software testing. Software testing is defined as “the process of confirming that an application has been successfully tested” (AUT). It is the purpose of this Software Testing training in Chennai to familiarize students with testing tools and to argue for the relevance of software testing.

Why Testing Software is Important?

Bugs and faults in software can be found and fixed before the final software product is released thanks to thorough testing. Time and money are saved, costs are reduced, and customer satisfaction is maximized with a well-tested software product.

Why Is It Necessary To Conduct Tests?

Testing is essential since errors in software could result in significant financial losses or potentially endanger users. Bugs in software have the potential to result in monetary and human casualties, and history is filled with instances of this happening.

  • More than 300,000 traders on financial markets were disrupted when, in April of 2015, a Bloomberg terminal in London failed as a result of a software error. Because of this, the government has no choice but to delay a debt sale worth 3 billion pounds.
  • As a result of a software failure in the airbag sensory detectors, nearly one million Nissan vehicles had to be removed off the market. There have been two accidents attributed to this software issue that has been recorded.
  • Because of a software glitch in its point-of-sale (POS) system, Starbucks was required to close around sixty percent of its locations in the United States and Canada. Because they were having trouble processing the purchase, the shop at one point gave away all of the coffee for free.
  • A software bug caused some of Amazon’s third-party shops to have the prices of their goods drop to one rupee. They suffered significant losses as a result.
  • Windows 10 contained a security flaw. By exploiting a vulnerability in the win32k system, this bug lets users get out of security sandboxes. Enroll in the Software Testing training in Chennai to promote yourself in the IT industry.
  • In 2015, a software flaw rendered the fighter plane F-35 incapable of accurately detecting its targets, and this rendered the plane useless.
  • On April 26, 1994, a software error caused an accident involving a China Airlines Airbus A300, which resulted in the deaths of 264 innocent people.
  • In 1985, a software error caused the radiation therapy machine known as Therac-25 in Canada to malfunction. As a result, patients receiving treatment received potentially fatal levels of radiation, which resulted in the deaths of three people and the critical injury of three more.
  • The failure of a military satellite launch that cost $1.2 billion due to a software glitch in April of 1999 was the costliest mishap in the history of the United States.
  • Due to a software error in May of 1996, 920 million United States dollars were accidentally deposited into the bank accounts of 823 customers of a large bank in the United States.

What are the Duties of a Software Tester?

When it comes to the process of developing a program for a customer, the work of a software tester is quite essential. The role of the tester is essential to the operation of the quality control department. The tester is responsible for receiving software programs in varying stages of production, putting those programs through a variety of tests, and documenting how those programs responded to the various tests.

For illustration, a programmer is working on an application that will manage the payments made by customers. After the coding portion of the application has been finished, the code is sent to a software tester. The software tester then runs a variety of manual and automated tests on that application. These tests can range from determining whether or not the application works properly with slower connections to determine whether or not it accurately updates the account balance. Test cases are another name for these kinds of evaluations. Only after the program successfully completes all of the test cases that were established by the software tester will it be released to production. Join the Software Testing course in Chennai to prevail successfully in your career. 

What Advantages Can Software Testing Offer?

The following are some of the advantages of utilizing software testing:

  • Software testing offers a number of essential benefits, one of the most important being cost-effectiveness. If you start testing any IT project on time, you will save money over the course of the project. When software errors are discovered and fixed at an earlier stage in the testing process, the associated expenses are lower.
  • Security is the aspect of software testing that is both the most fragile and the most sensitive. People are looking for brands that they can put their faith in. It helps eliminate risks and difficulties earlier on, which is helpful.
  • The quality of the product is an indispensable prerequisite for each piece of software. Testing guarantees that clients will receive products that meet or exceed their expectations.
  • To Provide Satisfaction to Customers One of the Primary Objectives of Any Product The primary objective of any product is to provide satisfaction to its customers. Testing the user interface and user experience helps assure a positive one. Join the Software Testing training in Chennai to update your knowledge about fixing software bugs.

Different Kinds of Software Testing

The following categories constitute software testing:

Testing is typically divided into the following three categories:

  • Functional Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing or Performance Testing
  • Maintenance (Regression and Maintenance)

Strategies for Software Testing

The following is a list of important software engineering strategies:

Unit Testing

This fundamental strategy to testing software is followed by the programmer in order to test the individual components of the program. It is helpful for developers to know whether or not the individual unit of code is functioning correctly.

Integration Testing

Building the layout of the software is the primary objective of this section. You need to check whether the integrated equipment is operating correctly without any faults.

System Testing

Using this approach, your program will first be assembled as its whole before being subjected to comprehensive testing in its entirety. Among other things, this testing technique examines the functionality, security, and portability of the system.

Program Testing

Program Testing is a procedure that involves executing a real software program with the purpose of testing the behavior of the program and locating problems. Testing is a part of software testing. In order to evaluate how the software program behaves or reacts to the test data, it must first be run using the relevant test case data. A good method for testing software is one that has a high probability of discovering errors. Gain an understanding of fixing errors in software through enrolling in the Software Testing training in Chennai.

Pay Scale for Software Testers in India

The income potential of a software tester in India is highly variable depending on a number of factors. The abilities of a professional are the most important consideration. Even if someone is just starting out in their professional life, they have the potential to earn a nice salary if they possess high levels of expertise and a solid foundation in software testing.

Experience is required for a software tester who wants to earn more than the base wage; otherwise, they won’t be able to earn more. A software tester’s income can be affected not only by working at a top-tier software firm but also by the location of their place of employment.

Average Income Levels of Software Testers

According to PayScale, the typical earnings of a software tester are approximately 3.5 LPA. This number can fall anywhere between -1.80 LPA and -7.81 LPA, based on the several elements that were discussed earlier in this paragraph.

If you want to make more money with less expertise, you should make it a priority to receive an offer from a leading software firm that is located in an area that has a high cost of living. Join the Software Testing Course in Chennai to earn more and strengthen your professional life.

Factors Influencing Software Tester Payscale in India

The four main factors affecting software tester salary are:

  • Skills
  • Company
  • Experience
  • Location

Salary by Skills

The average pay for software testers who are also proficient in ETL has increased by 181% in recent years. Similarly, the incomes of software testers who are proficient in Python have increased by 127 percent over the past year. The median pay of software testers who also have experience in quality assurance has increased by 64% over the past year. When compared to those with other talents, the incomes of software testers who are proficient in integration testing and database management have increased at a slower rate.

A software tester with experience in black box testing might expect an increase in their average income to 3.67 LPA. Software testers who are skilled in the use of the Selenium automated test tool can expect an average pay of 3.95 LPA. Integration testing expertise can bring a software tester an additional 3.93 LPA to their annual compensation on average. System testing and acceptability testing are two types of testing that are paid less than other types of testing.

Software Tester Salary by Company

HCL Technologies, Tata Consultancy Services, and Cognizant are considered to be the most successful recruiters for the software tester role. According to reports, the salary at Accenture is the highest in the industry, coming in at 7.41 LPA on average. Other firms that provide competitive compensation for this position include Infosys and Wipro, which, respectively, pay 5.27 and 5.14 lakhs per annum. Glassdoor reports that the wage range for a freelance software tester in India is between 2.14 and 5.06 lakh rupees per annum. Join the Software Testing training in Chennai to get placed in the top MNC.

Salary by Experience

In the following section, we are going to investigate how the amount of experience a software tester has affects their average salary.
1–4 years₹342,000
5–9 years₹615,000
10+ years₹976,000

Pay Scales According To Location

The location of a software tester’s workplace in India might have a significant impact on their income. This is due to the wide range of living costs that exist throughout India.

The following part provides information regarding the salaries that are paid to software testers in a variety of cities around India
New DelhiFreshers₹147,000

In comparison to salaries in other cities, a software tester in Chandigarh has the potential to earn an average of 26 percent more than the average salary across the nation. The average compensation of a software tester in Surat is 29 percent higher than the national average salary for this profession. The national average wage for software testers is 13 percent lower than the average salary offered in Coimbatore, which offers a 13 percent higher salary. The average annual income of a software tester in New Delhi is 14 percent lower than the average annual income across the country. The average annual wage for

a software tester in Kochi is seven percent lower than the average income across the country. Joining the Software Testing course in Chennai improves your prospect of getting placed. 

Compensation Levels of Related Jobs

If you have extra abilities in addition to the ones that were described above, you may be able to work in other job profiles as well, which may pay you similarly or even better than the ones that were listed before. The salary range for software engineers might range anywhere from 2.66 to 10 LPA on average. The salary range for a senior software engineer might be anywhere from 4.9 to 20 times the national minimum wage. The salary range for a quality assurance engineer might be anywhere from 1.9 to 8.65 LPA on average. The typical salary range for a software developer is somewhere between 2.15 and 10 LPA. Earnings for senior software developers might range anywhere from 4.36 to 20 times the national minimum wage.

The average yearly pay of a software tester in the United Kingdom is £24,823, which is significantly lower than the average annual compensation of a software tester in the United States, which is $56,927. Become a Software tester by enrolling in the best Software Testing training institute in Chennai.


These days, no one can imagine getting by without using some form of a computer program. Software testers are required at all times to ensure that the product in question is free of errors. A bug bounty program is something that is occasionally introduced by various businesses. As a result, you have the opportunity to enter or transition into this highly competitive industry. This position is perfect for you if you are able to effectively analyze data, communicate with others, test software, and hardware, manage your time well and are knowledgeable about a variety of technologies.

Check out our most recent offering, the Software Testing Course in Chennai, if you are interested in gaining knowledge about the process of software testing as well as the many tools that are utilized during this process. Attend the Software Testing training in Chennai if obtaining a reputable certification is a goal of yours; it will help you get there. Our training will provide you with an in-depth understanding of software testing, allowing you to launch a successful career in the field.

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