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TCS Salary For Freshers

Published On: November 4, 2022

As the largest information technology firm in India, TCS is widely recognized as a global leader in its industry. It is a worldwide IT service provider and consulting firm with its headquarters in Mumbai, India, and its main campus located in Chennai. The 2018 study found that TCS was one of the first Indian IT firms to reach a market capitalization of $100 billion. Many people want to one day be hired by TCS and earn the enviable starting pay the company offers. TCS offers entry-level employees a range of starting salaries, depending on their duties and the level of training and experience they have.

Starting Salary at TCS

When it comes to managing digital transformation, offering advice and guidance, building solutions, and outsourcing these tasks, TCS is unrivaled. As a pioneer in the field, the company is at the front of change when it comes to addressing the whole range of client-side options for developing a universe of clouds and cutting-edge digital platforms. The company has grown thanks to its substantial modern express capability and its 54 years of legacy. TCS also makes use of its professional connections in order to fully grasp the methods and projects required by a wide range of businesses. This Indian group operates on the belief that human beings are the key to making development profitable. Current estimates put the number of partners at 5,28,748 throughout a wide range of Indian cities.

Compensation at TCS : Starting salary and benefits for new hires in 2022.

TCS has been in business since 1968 and has its headquarters in Mumbai. The current global workforce exceeds 5,28,748 people. TCS is a worldwide corporation that pays its employees in India a competitive salary and a wide range of perks commensurate with their level of experience, education, and job function.

Some of the divisions in TCS that hire new graduates are :

Software Development

Java developer, programmers, front end/back-end developer, etc. are some of the four main jobs in the software industry. The compensation for a new position will depend on the duties, responsibilities, and tasks that the individual would be expected to take on.


A product engineer’s duties in an organization often include identifying, planning, introducing, and testing the product framework they’ve developed. Their job may involve anything from improving the way a company operates to developing new software from scratch. They are also responsible for developing software that allows several users to carry out separate tasks on a single computer. Maintaining such duties as a programmer in the TCS organization will entitle the worker to a generous remuneration package from TCS. TCS entry-level pay is approximately Rs.4,000,000. You should attend our forthcoming DevOps Training in Chennai if you want to improve your knowledge of this exciting field. Through the use of cutting-edge resources, technology, and frameworks, our seasoned educators will help you reach the next level of professional development.

Candidates with experience in Python scripting are highly sought after by TCS, so if you’re interested in working for the company, consider enrolling in Python Training in Chennai with us. Notable as a top school for training large numbers of people and finding jobs for its graduates.

Software Engineer

A programmer’s role in an organization is to plan, create, and maintain PC programs using their specialized skills and intelligence to implement programming standards that will help the organization find innovative solutions to its challenges. If you follow through on these duties as a software engineer for TCS, you’ll be eligible for a fantastic income package from the company. New hires at TCS can expect a starting pay of Rs 4,43,000. The Software Testing Course in Chennai is available for those interested in launching successful careers in software engineering.

Java Developer

A Java engineer is someone whose job it is to design, build, and maintain software that runs on the Java platform. The individual’s involvement extends all the way through the evolution of an enhancement. In addition, they put in the effort to compose testable, varied, proficient code by testing and debugging the latest upgrades and applications. Competitors who meet TCS’s requirements for proficiency as a Java engineer in the company are eligible for a competitive compensation offer. The average salary for a Java engineer at TCS is about Rs.4,50,000 per year. Java Training in Chennai can be obtained in person, or one can enroll in the Java online course to learn the language and prepare for a career in Java programming.

System Engineer

As a system engineer, you will be responsible for meeting deadlines related to the installation, configuration, and setting of operating systems and software applications to guarantee the highest quality of service for your employer. They are also responsible for the security of the applications by developing redundancy techniques and backup plans, as well as the installation, configuration, and maintenance of the systems and applications. If you’re able to demonstrate that you have what it takes to be successful in your role as a System Engineer at TCS, you’ll be eligible for a starting salary of roughly Rs.4,50,000.

Software Architect

As a software architect, you’ll be expected to plan, create, and implement software to solve a wide range of business issues. The candidate also helps the organization by drawing up architectural plans and providing the necessary direction for the IT department. Software architects also assess the state of the company’s product platform and provide recommendations for improvements in terms of tools, processes, and technologies. When it comes to building and deploying software solutions, they also perform the crucial step of troubleshooting the issues quickly and effectively. Experienced in performing the duties and responsibilities of a Software architect for the TCS company Will make the contestant qualified for a lucrative TCS package for freshers will be around Rs.4,65,000.

The ideal applicant for the position of software architect would have extensive experience with cutting-edge programming languages. Therefore, get PHP Training in Chennai from a top software training institute.

Test Engineers

Companies can’t progress and expand without the contributions of test engineers. The test engineers create and run the tests that guarantee the product’s reliability and usefulness. Engineers specializing in testing make sure that everything from creating test settings to double-checking for mistakes is done properly. An integral part of a test engineer’s job is making sure that all tests and processes are up to par with the requirements of the testing industry. Those interested in advancing their careers in software testing can take advantage of Selenium Training in Chennai. Test Engineers at TCS can expect a starting pay of Rs. 4,86,000 per year.

Security Engineer

The security engineers’ job in testing and vetting security software in monitoring networks for security incursions is only one way they contribute to the company’s expansion beyond the identity manager’s duties. They are brought in to deal with any management issues or security problems that may arise. A company’s engineers are its first line of defense against competitive advantage theft from competitors. Candidates who can demonstrate their competence in the role of Security engineer at TCS will be eligible for the company’s competitive compensation plan. New hires at TCS can expect a starting pay of roughly Rs 3,45,000. The CCNA course in Chennai is offered for those who are interested in launching a successful professional life in the field of security engineering.

Industrial Engineering

Improvements can be made to intricate processes and organizations, as well as the knowledge, information, and hardware that power them, through the use of this branch of engineering, which emphasizes the creative use of improvisation. System engineer, security engineer, test engineer, and identity manager are just some of the job titles you could encounter in industrial engineering.


Administrators, or the groups of people that are tasked with delegating authority inside an organization, are the focus here. There are four main roles to fill in management: team leader, assistant manager, associate consultant, and consultant.

Assistant Manager

An assistant manager’s responsibilities include setting up meeting times and locations, overseeing staff evaluations, maintaining positive connections with clients, and participating in the hiring and firing of workers. On top of that, an assistant manager’s primary objective is to fix any problems that crop up at work. Assistant managers at TCS are eligible for a compensation package worth Rs.7,70,000 per year if they have such tasks and duties.


Consultant employees have in-depth knowledge about the company or organization for which they work. They collaborate with the person to offer their perspective, analysis, and recommendations to a team, individual, or organization in an effort to boost their productivity in the workplace. An expert’s primary responsibilities include learning about the client’s problems and requirements, organizing and directing overviews and meetings to collect and assess data, explaining their findings, and offering suggestions for enhancement. As a result of taking on such roles and performing Consultant duties for TCS, the successful candidate will be eligible for a competitive remuneration package. Newly hired consultants at TCS can expect to make Rs 3,90,000 per year.

The candidate’s track record in digital marketing is essential for the company’s success as a consultant. Consult with clients like a pro by enrolling in Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai.

Associate Consultant

Consultant associate needs strong analytical skills and the ability to effectively handle clients. They are hired to collaborate on project teams that develop and deliver projects according to the specifications of their clients. In addition to interacting with executives, creating reports, and talking to clients about the project, these people are tasked with social events assessing and assisting the venture or assignment, and offering further proposals to better the task. Competitors who hold such positions and perform Associate expert duties within the TCS organization are eligible for a competitive remuneration package designed just for them. New hires at TCS can expect a starting pay of roughly Rs 4,76,000.

Customer Support Associate

Customer support associates at TCS are expected to help clients with issues by solving problems and answering technical questions. They take in the client’s wants and needs, analyze the situation, and then recommend a course of action. In addition, a representative works in tandem with the client to answer any questions related to billing. The applicant will be eligible for an outstanding TCS wage package if they have such responsibilities and work as a customer service associate in the TCS organization. The maximum starting salary at TCS is Rs 3,34,000.
Annual salaries at TCS range from an average of INR.2,65,000 to an average of INR.1,450,200. New hires at TCS can find detailed information on their annual compensation package in the next section.

In addition to a competitive starting salary, new hires at TCS have access to the following career paths :
Job PositionAnnual Salary INR
Business Analyst4,40,180
Business Process Analyst4,80,600
IT Analyst6,70,100
System Analyst5,50,170
Test Analyst4,70,200
Business Associate2,70,200
Operation Administrator2,45,300
Software Engineer4,50,000
Office Assistant1,20,000
Data Entry Clerk1,20,000
City & Yearly Average Remuneration
CityYearly Average Remuneration
Chennai, Tamil Nadu3,25,000
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh4,82,000
Mumbai, Maharashtra4,56,000
Bangalore, Karnataka4,85,000
Pune, Maharashtra3,45,400
Kolkata, West Bengal3,53,000

Bottom Line

TCS is a well-known international company that offers competitive starting salaries to new employees. TCS’s wage package for new hires in India in 2022 will differ according to the individual’s job description and the duties required of them. TCS offers entry-level employees not only a generous salary but also a trove of bonuses and perks that can act as icing on the cake for those who want to make a career out of working for the company. TCS offers new hires a number of perks, including assistance with moving expenses, paid vacation and sick leave, monetary bonuses, private medical insurance, reimbursement for necessary certification fees, and a flexible work schedule. Enroll in the best software training institute in Chennai to enter into TCS, the premier IT firm.

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