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Top 7 Data Science Applications & Real life Examples You should know 2023

Published On: November 5, 2022


The contributions of data scientists have been felt in practically every industry. Their methods aid in the prediction of adverse consequences in medical treatment. By using new criteria and models, they have altered how “athletic potential” is understood in the sports world. Even traffic has been a target of data science applications, with route-optimization models that account for peak commute times and less volumes on weekends.

The work of data scientists often involves speculating on the future. Big data, defined by volume, diversity, and velocity, is where they begin. It is then fed into various models and algorithms. Leading-edge data scientists in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence develop models that can autonomously refine themselves by keeping track of and learning from their own errors. Join our Data Science training in Chennai to enrich your understanding of Data Science.

Data Science

Data Analytics is not the same thing as data science. Both disciplines contribute to our comprehension of big data and frequently employ R and Python for the analysis of large databases. Due to these similarities, the two disciplines are frequently grouped together when actually they have significant differences.

To begin with, their perspectives on time are distinct. An example query for a data analyst may be, “How has our subscriber base increased from 2018 to 2022?” This is the kind of question that can be answered by synthesizing large amounts of historical data. In other words, they sift through mountains of data to draw conclusions about the past. Data scientists, meanwhile, expand upon huge data to develop models that can foretell or assess any given situation.

The complexity of the real world makes it hard to accurately model every aspect of it. Statistics pioneer George E.P. Box once said, “All models are flawed, but some are useful.” While there will always be some degree of ambiguity in many domains, the best data science may provide useful guidance in these areas. Data Science training in Chennai gives you extensive knowledge about its application and its significance.

Following, I have included real-world case studies of data science in action, ranging from online retail to medical research.

Application of Data Science in E-Commerce

Once upon a time, all the residents of a particular town shopped at the same mall, a real building with indoor waterfalls, a fashion boutique, and perhaps a Body Shop. The residents of that same community now have access to a virtual shopping mall at their fingertips 24/7/365: the internet. Most e-commerce websites now automatically adjust their layouts and content to each individual shopper’s unique data profile. Among other things, this may involve adjusting page layouts and tailoring featured products to suit individual needs. Some businesses use a strategy known as “personalized pricing,” in which they set rates depending on the apparent financial capabilities of individual customers. Personalized advertisements can be found even on sites that do not offer anything. Here are a few organizations that are implementing data science to automatically customize the web store to each individual customer’s preferences.

  • Airbnb’s search function was completely redesigned with the help of data science. In the past, it gave preference to highly rated vacation homes within a specific radius of a city’s core. Users were assured access to attractive rental options, but these were not guaranteed to be in trendy regions. Engineers came up with a solution for that by giving a rental location in a neighborhood with a high density of Airbnb bookings priority in search rankings. Additionally, there is still room for eccentricity in the algorithm, preventing cities from overpowering communities and allowing customers to occasionally find a rental treehouse.
  • Instagram’s sponsored posts, which sell everything from stylish coolers to sponsored ads posted by influencers, are targeted using data science. Data is gathered by the business’s data scientists from Instagram and its parent company Meta, which has a robust web-tracking architecture and extensive information on many users, especially their ages and educational backgrounds. From there, the team develops algorithms to extrapolate potential purchases based on a user’s likes, comments, app usage, and web browsing history. Instagram’s success is outstanding despite its secrecy. People don’t feel like Instagram is trying to sell them anything, rather it is serving as a digital personal shopper that people can control.
  • With the help of deep learning, AI, and massive datasets, Taboola is able to provide advertisers and digital properties with options for interaction. By strategically putting adverts across several websites and publishers, its discovery technology generates new sources of revenue, audience, and engagement. Any new product or service can be introduced to readers through its discovery platform in addition to current affairs, entertainment, timely information, and guidance. On its website, the company lists USA Today, MSN, Bloomberg, and Business Insider, as among its many media partners.
  • Sovrn mediates commercial relationships between brands and publishers like ESPN, Bustle, and the Encyclopedia Britannica. As these transactions occur on a daily basis in the millions, Sovrn has been able to mine a wealth of data for insights that are reflected in its sophisticated advertising platform. Its interface works with server-to-server bidding platforms like those offered by Google and Amazon, allowing for automated media monetization and, from the advertiser’s perspective, the targeting of ads to individuals with precise intent. Learn the Data Science course in Chennai to enter into this booming field.

Applications of Data Science in Healthcare

It was in the field of healthcare that data science made its initial significant impact in 2008. By monitoring search data for terms connected to the virus, Google employees found they could create real-time maps of epidemics. Existing maps of reported flu cases, known as FluView, were only updated weekly by the CDC. Google swiftly released an alternative tool, Google Flu Trends, which included more regular updates.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t effective. For the 2013 flu season, Google’s predictions were around double the number of confirmed cases. The mysterious approach of the program seems to include exploring relationships between the frequency of particular search terms and the incidence of influenza. Flu Trends’s algorithm therefore occasionally overvalued seasonal search phrases like “high school basketball.”

However, it proved the significant promise of data science in the medical field. In the years following Google’s initial attempt, many more sophisticated and precise healthcare solutions have emerged, as seen by the following instances. Data science underpins each and every one of them.

  • Data-driven healthcare is still an area of interest for Google. The company has even created a gadget called LYNA to help detect breast cancer tumors that have spread to lymph nodes in the immediate area. When a new development of cancer is modest, it can be challenging for the human eye to detect it. LYNA (short for Lymph Node Assistant) is an artificial intelligence system that successfully detected metastatic cancer 99 percent of the time in a clinical trial. However, further testing is needed before it may be used by clinicians in clinics and hospitals.
  • Clue is a popular software that uses data science to predict menstrual cycles and reproductive health by monitoring a user’s cycle start dates, mood, stool type, hair condition, and other variables. Data scientists use programs like Python and Jupiter’s Notebook to secretly examine this vast collection of non – public information. The app’s algorithms will then alert users when they are fertile, about to start their period, or at risk for complications like an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Through the application of machine learning, Oncora’s software is able to provide current cancer patients with tailored recommendations based on the experiences of previous patients. UT Health San Antonio and Scripps Health are just two of the hospitals that have adopted the firm’s technology. The radiology department worked with Oncora’s data scientists to analyze over 50,000 cancer cases spanning 15 years to learn more about cancer diagnosis, treatments, results, and adverse effects. Oncora’s algorithm learned from this information to recommend unique courses of treatment for chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Veeva is a healthcare industry-focused cloud software provider. The medical industry in all of its forms are within the company’s sphere of influence. When it comes to clinical trial data, Veeva’s Vault EDC employs data science to ensure the highest quality of results and to aid medical experts in making revisions mid-study. Enrolling in Data science certification training makes you a Pro in the sector of Data Science.

Applications of Data Science in Transportation and Logistics

In the United States, driving is an integral part of daily life. Car ownership or lease is extremely common in the United States; in fact, 86% of all households have at least one vehicle. About 134 billion gallons of gasoline were consumed by vehicles in the United States in 2021. This practice is unfortunately contributing to global warming. To solve this problem, we need to turn to data science.

Data science, together with other modes of transportation like bicycling and public transportation, can reduce emissions caused by cars by improving circulation. Even non-eco-conscious businesses can save hundreds of gallons of gas each year by making minor alterations to their routes based on data. Here are a few instances of data science in action outside of the lab.

  • The StreetLight app applies data science to the problem of modeling vehicular, bicycle, and foot traffic in North American cities. With the help of the trillions of data points that come in every month from cell phones, in-vehicle navigation devices, and other sources, Streetlight is able to maintain accurate traffic maps. They provide a finer level of detail than standard map apps, allowing for the identification of commuter groups that take numerous modes of transportation (e.g., a train followed by a scooter) to go to and from work. City planners, such as those working on mass transit systems, can benefit from the company’s maps.
  • The data scientists at UberEats are focused on a single, straightforward objective: speedy delivery of hot meals. However, implementing this on a national scale requires machine learning, sophisticated statistical modeling, and on-staff meteorologists. Every aspect of the delivery process needs to be optimized, therefore the team must consider the effects of every potential factor, such as weather and the number of orders placed during peak times like the holidays. Join the Data Science training in Chennai to explore the vast amount of data available and to draw conclusions from it.
  • Data science is used by UPS to streamline the process of transporting packages from pickup to delivery. ORION is the company’s integrated navigation system, which has helped drivers select over 66,000 low-gasoline routes. Using cutting-edge algorithms, AI, and machine learning, ORION has helped UPS save about 100 million miles and 10 million gallons of gasoline annually. The most recent version of the ORION system was released in 2021, and the corporation has plans to continue releasing updates. Thanks to the newest upgrade, motorists can cut two to four kilometers off their routes.

Application of Data Science in the Public Sector

Despite public perception,  government organizations have access to more information than both Google and Meta put together. Government agents can get warrants to access information from any data warehouse, and agencies keep their own databases of ID photographs, fingerprints, and phone activities. Criminal investigators frequently contact Google’s data center, for example, to obtain a log of the devices that were operational at the crime scene.

Many people would consider this a violation of privacy, but there are little safeguards in place in the country to prevent it. Citizens have no protections against government surveillance, not even under the state’s extreme privacy law. As a result, the government’s access to information is unlikely to dry up any time soon. The government uses data science to analyze its massive data stores in the following ways:

  • Northpointe, developed by Equivant, is utilized extensively by the American justice system and police to assess an inmate’s likelihood of committing new crimes while behind bars. Using information gathered from a survey on the respondent’s employment, education, and other factors, the system can make an accurate prediction of that risk. According to ProPublica’s investigation, 60% of Equivant’s forecasts came true. Learning the Data Science course in Chennai under the guidance of real-time professionals makes you understand the various challenges in data science.
  • At least two states have reported that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency of the United States, better known by its acronym ICE, has utilized facial recognition technology to mine driver’s license photo databases in an effort to deport unauthorized immigrants. Data science encompasses the controversial practice, which has been criticized from both an ethical and technological perspective (facial recognition technology is still unreliable). Images of faces serve as the foundation for facial recognition systems that employ deep learning and other forms of artificial intelligence.
  • According to one estimate, tax evasion costs the United States government $458 billion each year; therefore, it is not surprising that the Internal Revenue Service has updated the procedures it uses to detect fraud in this digital age. In spite of objections from privacy opponents, the agency has increased productivity by creating multidimensional taxpayer profiles based on publicly available social media data, various metadata, email analysis, electronic payment trends, and other data sources. The agency uses these profiles to make tax return predictions; individuals whose actual returns greatly deviate from their predictions are identified for further investigation.

Applications of Data Science in Sports

At the beginning of the 2000s, the recruitment budget for the Oakland Athletics was so minimal that the organization was unable to sign players of sufficient caliber. At the very least, they were unable to attract players whom other clubs regarded as being of a high enough caliber. As a result, the general manager rethought what constitutes quality by relying on in-game statistics that were disregarded by other teams in order to foresee player potential and create a strong team despite their limited financial resources. The application of Data Science is expanding and hence getting Data Science training in Chennai lets you to master in its application area and become employed easily.

  • The A’s were able to advance further in the playoffs thanks to his tactics, and things went from there. The phenomena was the subject of the novel Moneyball, written by Michael Lewis, which was later adapted into a movie starring Brad Pitt and bearing the same name. It is anticipated that by the year 2026, the global market for sports analytics will reach a value of 8.4 billion. The following are a few examples of how data science is revolutionizing sports that go beyond baseball.
  • The RSPCT shooting analysis system, which has been adopted by NBA and college teams, is dependent on a sensor that is attached to the rim of a basketball hoop. This sensor’s miniature camera monitors exactly when and where the ball is struck during each attempt at a basket. It then sends that information to a device that may display the shot specifics in real time and generate insights that can be used to make predictions.
  • WHOOP develops wearable technology that monitors many aspects of an athlete’s physical performance, including their resting heart rate, sleep cycle, and respiration rate. The objective is to educate athletes on when they should push themselves during training and when they should take a break, as well as to ensure that they are taking the appropriate measures to get the most out of their bodies. According to the website of the firm that makes WHOOPS, a number of professional athletes compete using the product, including golfers Nick Watney of the PGA, Olympic golfer Nelly Korda, and sprinter Gabby Thomas of the Olympics.
  • Trace provides recording equipment to soccer coaches as well as an artificial intelligence technology that analyzes game tape. Players are required to wear a tracking device known as a Tracer, which is also equipped with a camera that was developed specifically for the game. The artificial intelligence bot will then take that footage and put together all of the most significant moments in a game, including shots on goal, lapses in defense, and a variety of other events. Because of this technology, both the players and the coaches are able to gain more in-depth observations from game tape. In addition to being able to assemble together individual recordings, the software also offers performance analytics and a field heat map. Enrolling in the Data Science training in Chennai hones your skills with hands-on experience in real-time projects.

Applications of Data Science in Video Games

The gaming business is flourishing, and to aid in its expansion, it is turning to data science. In 2021, the total value of the worldwide video game market was estimated to be $195.65 billion, and it is anticipated that this value will increase by approximately 13 percent by 2030.

Since the 1950s, when Nim, a mathematical puzzle game in which two players take turns removing objects from piles, was first released, data science and artificial intelligence have been applied in video games. The trend of creativity proceeded with Pac-Man, which included both artificial intelligence and data science elements into the game’s mazes and ghosts in order to give them unique personalities.Want to become an innovative game developer, Data Science training in Chennai will be the right destination to sharpen your skills.

The video game industry is constantly searching for innovative approaches to the application of data science and artificial intelligence in order to enhance game play and provide entertainment for millions of people all over the world. Some examples of such games include World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and Halo. The following are a few examples of how data science can be utilized in the world of video games.

  • Activision Blizzard, the business most known for creating games with devoted fan bases such as World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Candy Crush, and Overwatch, utilizes big data to enhance the quality of their customers’ online gaming experiences. Among Call of Duty gamers, one example of this is the company’s game science division analyzing gaming data to avoid empowerment, which is the attempt to increase another person’s sporting results using dishonest means. In addition, the company makes use of machine learning to recognize strength boosting, as well as to discover and track crucial indications for improving the overall quality of game play.
  • 2k Games is a video game development studio that is responsible for the creation of well-known games such as Bioshock and Borderlands, in addition to the WWE and PGA game franchises. The expanding game science team at this company is tasked with mining gaming data and developing models in order to enhance the quality of the company’s sports games such as NBA2K. Data scientists at 2K Games evaluate player gameplay and economy telemetry data to gain a better understanding of player behavior and to provide suggestions for actions that can be taken to improve the user experience. Dreaming of an excellent career in the gaming industry? Of course, Data science training in Chennai helps you to land your desired job.
  • Unity is a platform that allows users to create and run real-time, interactive, three-dimensional content, such as video games. According to the website for the platform, gaming firms such as Riot Games, Atari, and Respawn Entertainment are among those that use it. Gaming data is analyzed and used by Unity’s product development team to make data-driven decisions and to monitor financial indicators.

Application of Data Science in Social Platforms

The proliferation of social networking sites has fundamentally changed the way in which individuals interact with one another. On Venmo, romantic relationships develop in full public view. Meta developers are able to look at the invite lists of users’ birthday parties. Relationships such as friendship, emotional bond, and coworker-ship all leave large digital footprints.

There are many who believe that these trails, often known as Meta friend lists or LinkedIn relationships, do not carry much weight. For example, anthropologist Robin Dunbar discovered that people can only keep track of approximately 150 informal relationships at the same time; cognitively speaking, humans are unable to handle much more than that. According to Dunbar, the accumulation of more than 150 digital contacts reveals very little about the day-to-day social life of an individual. As social media usage is prevalent as an essential part of socializing, introducing new features and improving exciting features have become a necessity. To take part in such scenarios efficiently, Data Science training in Chennai will aid you to come up with innovative ideas.

However, a different type of importance can be found in users’ catalogs of the most superficial acquaintances on social networking sites. Data about your social sphere influences who you get to meet next, which is especially important since that many connections start online. The following are some instances in which data science has helped to develop human connection.

  • The “People You May Know” sidebar that shows on the home screen of the social network Meta is one of the most data-driven features that the platform offers. Of course, Meta makes use of data science in a variety of different ways. It is based on a user’s friend list, the individuals they have been tagged with in images, as well as where they have worked and attended school. This can result in predictions that are eerily accurate. According to the Washington Post, it is also based on “really good math.” More specifically, it is based on network science, which is a subfield of data science that forecasts the expansion of a user’s social network by analyzing the expansion of networks belonging to other users who have similar characteristics.
  • Tinder can give credit for successful matches to the data scientists who work for the company. Behind the scenes, a meticulously constructed algorithm is increasing the likelihood of successful matches being made. Once upon a time, the Elo ratings of the users were used as the basis for this method. Elo scores are essentially a ranking of attractiveness. Now, it gives more weight to potential matches between active users, users who are located close to one another, and users who, based on their swiping histories, appear to be the “types” of one another. Enroll in the Data Science training in Chennai to excel in your career.

How  Data Science Drives Businesses?

Excited about pursuing a career in Data Science? If you’re interested in entering the rapidly growing subject of Data Science, enroll in the Data Science training in Chennai.

Strengthening Management and Officer Decision-Making Capability

With the ability to ensure that the company’s workforce makes the most of its analytics skills, a seasoned data scientist can become a valued advisor and strategic partner to the company’s top management. By measuring, tracking, and collecting performance indicators and other information, a data scientist can explain and illustrate the value of the institution’s data to allow improved decision-making processes across the entire company. Explore the worthy opportunities in Data Science by joining the Data Science training in Chennai.

Guiding Actions In Accordance With Trends—Which In Turn Aid In Defining Objectives

An organization’s data is examined and explored by a data scientist, who then makes suggestions and prescriptions for how the business may boost its performance, customer engagement, and bottom line.

Prompting Workers to Use Successful Methods and Pay Attention to Critical Problems

A data scientist’s duties may include training other employees on the company’s analytics platform and facilitating their continued development as users. They show employees how to efficiently use the system to draw conclusions and motivate them to take action, setting them up for success. As soon as the team has a firm grasp on the functionality of the product, they may turn their attention to more pressing commercial concerns. Enroll in the Data Science course in Chennai to know everything about Data Science.

Opportunity Detection

Data scientists engage with the company’s existing analytics system with the goal of improving it by coming up with new approaches and analytical algorithms that address gaps in the current system. Their job description calls on them to improve the value the company receives from its data on a regular basis. Explore the benefits of Data Science with the Data science certification training in Chennai.

Making Judgments Based On Hard Numbers And Data

The advent of data scientists has eliminated the necessity for high-stakes gambles by collecting and evaluating information from a variety of sources. Using pre-existing data, data scientists develop models that simulate various courses of action, allowing a company to discover which strategy will yield the best financial results.

Validating These Choices

Making decisions and putting them into action is half the battle. Where does that leave the other 50%? Understanding how these choices have impacted the company is essential. A data scientist is necessary at this stage. To determine the value of a change, it helps to have someone keep track of the key metrics that are associated with that change. Obtain expert’s advice and real-world training in Data Science by learning the Data Science course in Chennai.

Define Your Niche Market

The majority of businesses will use at least one method of collecting client information, such as Google Analytics or a survey. However, data is useless if it isn’t put to good use, such as in the identification of demographics. The value of data science lies in its capacity to take data that may not be all that relevant on its own and combine it with other data points to develop insights that can be used by a business to better understand its audience and target demographic.

A data scientist’s in-depth examination of multiple data sets can be invaluable in pinpointing the relevant subsets. Companies can increase their profits by catering their services and goods to specific demographics with the use of this type of in-depth information.

Finding and Recruiting Top Performers

A recruiter’s day typically consists of reading through resumes, but big data is altering that. In today’s world, data scientists have access to a wealth of information about potential employees, including their profiles on social media, company databases, and job search websites.

Data science may aid your recruitment staff in making better, more timely decisions by mining the large quantity of data that is already available, conducting in-house screening for resumes and applications, and even conducting advanced data-driven ability tests and activities. To have a promising future, join the Data Science training in Chennai.

Bottom Line

If a company knows how to make good use of the information it collects, data science can help them succeed. Data science is useful for businesses of all sizes and across all industries since it provides vital statistics and insights across processes, aids in the recruitment of new employees, and educates upper management.

Planning a future in the field of Data Science? Data science course in Chennai cover a wide variety of topics, from R programming and SAS to analytics, Hadoop, and Spark. Expert instructors, practical application, mock exams, and accessible eLearning materials will equip you for success in your chosen field.

We offer a comprehensive program designed to help you reach your goal of becoming a Data Science professional. Data Science training in Chennai will provide you with a customized plan for becoming a successful Data Science expert, including information on the hottest technologies, the best organizations recruiting, the skills you’ll need to launch your career, and more. Enroll now in Data science training in Chennai.

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