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Top 8 IT Training Courses For Freshers

Published On: September 11, 2021


The Information Technology sector in India is the fastest growing and high revenue generated industry in the world in which the job opportunities are increasing rapidly for the talented IT professionals. There with the students and freshers should have an intention to choose the career wisely by taking certified IT training which gives a promising job in the top companies. There are top 8 training courses formulated here according to the trending of the IT field which gives you job guarantee and shorter duration to learn.

Technical skills are an excellent means to gain the confidence of the employer. Besides, it is one of the most advanced areas where you can work. When you have updated skills, then it will give you an edge over others. Now let us see some of the ways to boost your technical skills :

Trending IT Training Courses of 2019 :

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Designing
  • Software Quality Testing
  • Cloud Computing
  • DevOps
  • Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things

1. Mobile Application Development:

Mobile Application Development is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the IT industry. As a fresher, Mobile App Developer has a wide range of vacancies in the top companies. After gaining the required experience there are many chances to become project manager to handle multiple mobile app development projects. Mobile App Development course will help you to have a part-time job and submit your mobile application in Google Play Store which can be downloaded later by many users. Every business people must have the mobile app developers for the gradual growth of their business across the world as the services of Smartphones, iPads and tablets are the highest resources of the general public.

As of the present situation, many mobile app development companies face the demand on developing apps in social media purposes like Facebook, Twitter, and other gaming apps, online booking apps like Trivago and shopping cart apps like Amazon, Flipkart to maintain and populate their brand, services, and products in the global market. Hence taking a specialized course on the Mobile Application Development have a bright future for the fresher with proficient knowledge in it.

2. Web Designing:

Web Designing Training is the best career option for the one who wants to work independently. It helps to develop and maintain the website for various purposes in the Industry. The duration of the training period is a short and wide range of job opportunities are awaiting immediately after the course completion. This training helps to write the coding with HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and so on.

Web Designing Training Course has a choice to select a career with two options. Whether you can work for a company as a web developer for front end and back end development process or you can work on your own setting up the enterprise environment. The salary of the fresher in web designing starts from 1,50,000 per year and it will be increased as per the skill and experience of the developer.

3. Software Quality Testing Automation:

Testing is an important aspect of the IT industry. Automation testing is more valuable training than a manual one as it involves the quality, performance and less time for debugging for a business to move uninterruptedly in the market. The product once released, it should be tested immediately to reach in the market without any delay.

So the scope of software automation testing engineers with the adequate skill set is on high demand and training with the certification is important to hired by top IT companies globally. Software Testing Training Course includes learning of the testing tools like JMeter, Selenium, etc.

4. Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing Training is one of the trending course as it is a fast emerging business aspect in the IT industry. Most of the enterprises are using cloud computing technology as it makes easier to access data, addressing the backup issues, virtual storage provisions and moreover gives resistance from unauthorized access of data.

For a fresher, it is a very good move of choosing a career in Cloud Computing as the top companies implemented this technology already and it doesn’t require any specific qualification to pursue the course.

5. DevOps:

DevOps stands for the combination of “Development” and “Operation”. The key elements of DevOps are to improve operational support, collaborative working environment, flexible team management and on-time project delivery.

Top Companies have huge number of requirements in the DevOps field as it is used to complete the project in an efficient and fastest way. The company needs skillful certified professional for the DevOps technology and the demand is increasing rapidly.

6. Data Analytics:

It is the right time for the fresher to choose this data analytics field as it is the highest demand in most of the companies. In data analytics, you can learn how to handle the big data of the largest organization to provide a proper and fast response to the user requests. This stored data can be structured or unstructured one and analytics of the data are complicated to process. But the certified course helps to make it easier by giving sufficient training to handle those data with proper strategies.

The demand for the proficient experts on data analytics growing fast as the data stored in an organization increased as per the user’s request or feed. Career opportunities for this Data Analytics field are vast and the salary is much higher than any other IT domain as it plays a crucial role in many organizations to maintain the users’ data.

7. Artificial Intelligence:

AI is the engineering process to make machines perform like a human for visual perception, decision making, speech recognition, and language interpretation and so on. It involves developing the game programming, robotic process, and machine learning.

The scope of this AI Training will help to obtain the job from public and private sectors as it reduces the human efforts for the high risking jobs. So learning the Artificial Intelligence Training with certification provides the future-ready career to the freshers with the very good package in global level companies.

8. IoT (Internet of Things):

The learning of IoT helps to acquire the knowledge on sensor process, smart meter and smart vehicle which is connected to the internet. IoT is a web of interconnected devices to communicate over the internet by devices independently without the intervention of the human. For example, the user is going out of home, the IoT Gadget will monitor and control all the electronic appliances of the house.

The demand for such gadgets is increasing every day as the general people wanted to be alert of the appliances by operating it from the remote place. It is also used for many business purposes to control the enterprise machines by being at home or any other trips. Many top companies like Amazon that produces the device like Alexa, it needs a developer to innovate tools mere to that. Certified IoT Training helps to improve the knowledge in device development and get the best job in a reputed organization.

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