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Top 8 Valid Reasons To Choose Big Data Analytics as a Career

Published On: September 11, 2021

Big Data Analytics

The Complicated process of inspecting the large and different types of big data sets is called Big Data Analytics. The data sets in big data can be structured, semi-structured or unstructured which is to be examined for the machine learning process and other advanced analytics applications.

The Importance of Big Data Analytics :

High potential computing system and the uniqueness of the system analytics method makes the big data analytic process a beneficial one. Some of the importance to be noted down as follows:

  • Opportunities to increase new revenue
  • Marketing strategies become more effective
  • Consumer service gets better
  • Operational Efficiency will be improved
  • Competitive benefits over the trend

1. Reasons for Choosing Big Data Analytics as Career

As the report of Economic Times which is released by March 2019, the data consumption in India is growing every day and in the year 2022, it reaches 10,96,58,793 Million MB at a CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) from 72.6 percent. This is the result of increasing smartphones usage and lower data tariffs in the market. Organizations related to it collecting a wide range of data from the users every day that can be structured or unstructured. From that hidden collective data only a little amount of data being used frequently.

2.High Demand for Data Analytics Expert in reputed Organizations

Both small and big organizations today are adopted to data analytics as it becomes very much important for the growth and effectiveness of the company, the career demands for job roles has also risen in worldwide. A survey of Analytics India magazine reported the requirements of data analytics experts are rising every day on account of the upgraded skill set of the employee.

3.Huge amount of Skill Gap

In spite of the high demand for skilled data analytics expert, the large number of unfilled jobs are still there globally due to the lack of upgraded skill on the field. A McKinsey Global Institute stated that the US has a shortage of filling the vacancies of about 1.5 million data analytics professional with the decision making skills using by Big Data Analytics technology. India is also facing the same shortage to maintain the data in global organizations for the outsourcing process and also domestic usage. All they need certified data analytics expert with a high level skill set trained from Big Data Training Institute in Chennai.

4.Top Priority of Big Data Analytics in many organizations

One of the surveys taken under “Peer Research – Big Data Analytics” declared that the improvement of performance is dependent utterly on the data analytics process which has the consequence of giving high-level priority to it. It becomes a crucial role for sales and marketing opportunities. One more survey from Deloitte Technology stated that 65.2% of business runs with data analytics as to the main level strategy.

5.Effortless Decision Making

Big Data Analytics helps to maintain a mutual relationship with customers by giving them a time-specific response without any delay. Sectors like healthcare, e-commerce, financial and manufacturing are adopting Big Data Analytics as it supports to handle the large data of both structured or unstructured and for the clear decision-making process.

6.Choices of Job Titles and Analytics Types in a great number

There are many options available in a view of career point with the numerous job titles to select from.

Job Titles

  • Big Data Analytics Business Consultant
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Big Data Analytics Architect
  • Big Data Solution ArchitectAnalytics Associate
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant

Types of Data Analytics:

  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Descriptive Analytics

7.Big Bucks for the right skill

Big Organizations like IBMMicrosoftOracle, Opera, Google, Saffron, Panorama Software, Teradata, Tibco and many more are using Big Data Analytics for their needs of business and wide range of job opportunities are possible with them.

As we see here the demand rises in the Big Data Analytics the average salary of the qualified professional in worldwide is $130,000 per annum according to the Skills and Salary Survey Report of IAPA (Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia). Great Lakes Institute of Management released the survey on “The Indian Analytics Industry Salary Trend Report” says the skilled professional with certification gets a salary of more than 15 Lakhs Per year.

8.Wonderful Work-Life Balance

The study from Glassdoor gave 4.4 out of 5 point scale for the work-life balance and job satisfaction of the global level Big Data Analytics Professionals. The insights from learning the updates of the technology help to find a unique way to balance the real-life as well as to bring the progressive growth of an organization.


The rapid growth of an organization relies upon the Big Data Analytics process and the ongoing demand of requirements with the upgraded skill set brings an ocean of opportunities. Choosing the career in Big Data Analytics is the best option and it needs to get trained with the insights over the technology.

To become the biggest asset to the organization in Big Data Analytics, take a tour to our website SLA Institute and know more about our training benefits from our Big Data Training in Chennai

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