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What is AWS?

Published On: July 20, 2022


Popular cloud service Amazon Web Service makes it simple to build flexible, scalable, and affordable directories and applications. For specialized uses like course catalogs, organizational flow charts, device registries, scientific investigations, and reporting papers, it is utilized to develop apps and directories. Through streamlined navigation and fully managed services to handle administrative procedures and server administration, AWS helps businesses minimize time-consuming operations.

The majority of developed and emerging nations have selected AWS as their preferred cloud computing platform. It serves millions of customers, including small businesses, governmental organizations, and huge corporations, by providing 200+ fully featured services. Leading cloud computing platform AWS offers extensive features, the broadest customer and partner support, high security, the quickest rate of innovation, the most dependable operational competence, and a worldwide network spanning the region.

Join SLA for the Best AWS Training in Chennai and get hands-on experience with Amazon Web Services for Complete Cloud Computing.

Popular AWS Services

AWS provides a variety of specialized services, including analytics, application integration, AWS cost management, blockchain, business applications, compute, contact centers, containers, developer tools, end-user computing, front-end mobile, and web application developments, game technologies, internet of things, machine learning, management and governance, media services, data migration, and data transfer, networking and content delivery, quantum technologies, robotics, satellite, and security. AWS benefits the most crucial sectors, including advertising and marketing, automotive, CPG, education, energy, finance, game development, public sector, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, media and entertainment, non-profit, power and utilities, retail, telecommunications, travel and hospitality, and others.

Important Features of AWS

Powerful Data and Relationship Management : One of AWS’s key features is its ability to manage a variety of data structures. Users can also create characteristics for objects and relationships as well as numerous schemas and inheritance rules.

Dynamic Schema Management : The user of AWS can expand the schema under their needs. Along with the ability to share, the user may add or delete characteristics to prevent data duplication.

Infrastructure that is Fully Governed : With AWS, labor-intensive administrative chores like server administration and infrastructure scalability are no longer necessary. By building a directory and populating it with data using the Cloud Directory API, users may easily specify the schema.
References to Objects and Relationships: Directory objects and relationships are available using AWS’s built-in functionality. Across AWS Cloud Directories, it is simple to search through massive collections of related data without having to create complex or repeated queries for a single search.

Data Encryption : Data is automatically encrypted by AWS before being sent using 256-bit encryption keys that are entirely manageable by the AWS key management service (AWS-KMS).

Object Guidelines : With the aid of AWS, customers may create application-specific rules that conduct a variety of object interactions between objects that are interconnected in various hierarchies. It offers a framework for installing programs to assess tasks as per the predetermined policies.


AWS is the greatest cloud provider, offering fantastic services to international companies, and knowing about it opens up a bright future for both working people and new graduates. With the help of SLA’s AWS Training in Chennai, you may learn how to effectively use AWS while gaining experience and exposure. We provide the best AWS online training from our subject-matter specialists to learners worldwide.

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