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Why Coding Skills Are not Enough for a Developer to Get Hired

Published On: November 12, 2022

Why Coding Skills Are not Enough for a Developer to Get Hired?

According to the findings of a recent survey of the job market for software developers, it is anticipated that the number of available positions will keep expanding at a quick pace. However, in order to get employed in today’s competitive market, you need more than exceptional coding skills.

It seems to sense that the more languages you are proficient in, the better programmer you will be. Not necessarily; your proficiency in coding is just the beginning of what most organizations look for in a new programming hire, and some of these companies have quite specific requirements.

So you’ve got coding talents. That’s a fantastic way to get started, but other than that, do you have any other skills? These days, simply having coding experience is not enough to get employed as a developer. Enroll in the best software training institute in Chennai and sharpen your coding and soft skills.

A new generation of programmers is hoping to earn money pursuing your profession within the next five to ten years, and there are a lot of new programmers entering the workforce every day. First things first, brush up on the latest programming languages and frameworks and update your résumé to reflect your improved technical skills. After that, the trick to getting recruited is to demonstrate that you have superior “soft skills” than the other developers who are attending the job interview with you.

In addition to requiring technical abilities, companies are now placing a greater focus on “soft skills,” which include the ability to efficiently organize one’s time and work effectively as part of a team. The plans that HackerRank has in place to find people who possess these in-demand talents are consistent with what is currently taking place in the market.

According to Christy Schumann, senior vice president of talent operations for Toptal, a company that specializes in providing technical talent, “We check for soft skills in our demanding talent interview session.” This is the company’s primary line of business, and its central emphasis is the placement of independent software engineers. “We take into consideration factors such as professionalism, problem-solving abilities, and language and interpersonal capabilities.”

She stated that this level of thought makes a difference for Toptal’s clientele, which includes both large corporations and small to medium-sized businesses. “Not only are they capable of collaborating with top developer talent, but they are being connected with someone who can be the best suit for the established teams and play an integral part in the accomplishment of any given project,” she said.


You don’t have a single 30-year career; you have 30 one-year careers,” says Cleveland-based developer, author, and educator Matt Weisfeld. You’ll need to collaborate with others, whether it’s on the projects you’re working on at a dynamic firm or the companies you’re doing the projects for. Both clients and coworkers fall under this category.

The hiring manager at a small business will want to know if you can multitask and perform duties that aren’t strictly inside a developer’s job description. The ability to take on additional responsibilities, such as those of management or even customer service, is highly valued while working as a team. This indicates how well you collaborate with colleagues in a medium to large business. Join the best software training industry in Chennai to get effective placement assistance along with software skills.

Sharing interviewee experiences of working together on projects is an excellent method to demonstrate teamwork skills. Letters of recommendation from coworkers and superiors are often quite helpful. Can people usually count on you to make their time together pleasant? Despite its subjectivity, this is a key concern for businesses.

Keeping up with Evolving Trends

Job openings can be found for programmers proficient in blockchain, React/React Native, Node.js, and Python. The market, however, is dynamic and always shifting.

Everything from the cloud to mobile apps is evolving at a breakneck pace, virtually outstripping the number of trained professionals who can manage it.

A further developing pattern is the increasing prevalence of machine learning methods in software development. Although the need for human coders will remain, the focus will shift from creating code from scratch to collaborating with AI. In the absence of automation, Vincent Granville, CEO of and co-founder of Data Science Central, a network for big data practitioners owned by TechTarget, would hire programmers.

Some platforms allow you to avoid writing code. If you want to develop a wonderful feature, all it takes is one click on a button, and behind the scenes, code is generated by Machine Learning.

However, software engineering is still essential for businesses. Putting things into production is a vital requirement.  Since mathematical modeling is increasingly becoming automated, individuals can also be taught data science. It is more difficult to go the opposite way. Join the top software training institute in Chennai to stay abreast of recent developments in the IT industry.

Ego Management

Have you ever completed the coding for a project without a single error? There’s a good chance you’ve needed to go back to the drawing board numerous times to fulfill someone’s shifting expectations. Flexibility is essential to success. If you do not check your ego at the door, you will most likely be asked to leave. The last thing a firm wants is to recruit an inflexible jerk.

If you are not the project’s supervisor, you do not have the last say on any project. In a job interview, demonstrate a positive attitude by describing a project or product that improved after you accepted another person’s advice or incorporated your team’s comments. The capacity to listen to others and experiment with their ideas demonstrates an open mind and lack of ego. If you become defensive in response to any comments during the interview, this is typically a warning sign. Demonstrate that you are ready to learn and not afraid of change. Learn the soft skills training in Chennai to get hired easily.


Because it is possible that you will be required to talk about what you are working on during progress reports, you need to be able to articulately discuss projects that you have completed in the past. Put an end to the use of jargon and explain everything that has to be conveyed in plain English so that individuals who are not technically minded may also comprehend what you are saying.

Even if the thought of verbal communication makes your skin crawl, you still need to work on it if you want to find a job because employers are always looking for people who are able to effectively communicate their thoughts and listen to what others have to say. The capacity to offer input that is both constructive and useful during code reviews is another desirable quality. Join the spoken English training in Chennai.


Only losers point the finger of blame at others for their own difficulties and blunders. If you screw up, you should take responsibility for it. Don’t tell lies, and don’t point the finger of blame at anyone else, because doing so will get you nowhere. Employers are looking for candidates for all job positions who do not need to be flawless, but who are willing to accept responsibility and accountability for any mistakes they may make throughout the course of their employment.

Always make an effort to empathize with the end users who are having issues with what you’ve built, and make it your mission to determine what you did incorrectly and how you can make things better. Join the Big Data training in Chennai to explore the huge data.

Business Sense

It’s not really a skill, but if you’re not brand new to the developer job market, you should be familiar with the impact that your work in development has had on a company’s bottom line. What value did you bring? What kind of benefits does this offer to customers or users? It is unquestionably an asset to have the ability to contribute suggestions regarding ways in which a company’s operations might be improved. Enroll in the Data science training in Chennai.

You may have some pretty sleek coding skills and have high expectations for the quality of your code, but you shouldn’t get too caught up in the minutiae to the point where you’ll never be able to produce things on time. This is because you may have some pretty sleek coding abilities and have high standards for the quality of your code (assuming the deadlines are fairly reasonable). Because the window of opportunity in the business world is frequently brief, firms want to employ developers who are capable of striking a balance between what is optimal in terms of code and what is best for particular profitability.


The majority of businesses probably do not have a requirement for employing extraordinary programming gurus. Keep in mind that even while your coding skills are valuable, technical skills are always something that can be learned and improved upon. It is not impossible to modify your character, but it is a lot more difficult to do so. There is no such thing as the “Soft Skills Fairy,” as Meri Williams explained in her blog entitled “Geek | Manager.” Therefore, don’t make the mistake of using the fact that you lack these basic abilities as an excuse for not making an effort to obtain them. In the worst-case scenario, a lack of soft skills can lead to the failure of projects and businesses. Enroll in the best software training institute in Chennai to brighten up your career.

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