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Career Prospects of Full Stack Developer

Published On: December 7, 2021

The Career Path of a Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developers will be experts in all the layers of application development along with in-depth skills on various technologies for completing the project quicker. The following layers with respective technologies are the building blocks of full-stack development.

How To Become a Full Stack Web Developer?

Presentation Layer : This is front-end development that involves the designing of web pages that are directly accessible by the user. It is developed using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, and libraries like Foundation, Backbone, React.JS, Ember.JS, and Angular.JS.

Logical Layer : This is back-end development that involves user interface designing for making all work together. It includes skills in Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, and .Net.

Data Layer : This is a sub-group of a logic layer that deals with the creating, reading, updating, and deleting data using database applications like MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and Oracle.

Full Stack Developers are not necessary to master all the technologies required for front-end and back-end development but knowing the complete application development is must for job. There are five reasons for learning full-stack development in 2021.

Great Career Growth

MNC and IT firms around the world are looking for optimizing resource costs there are tremendous job opportunities for full-stack developers and it is reaching 8,53,000 job openings by the end of 2024 according to the report of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. They will employ them to lead project development as full-stack developers know all the layers of applications.

Diverse Skillset

Full-stack developers have both technical and soft skills and they will take responsibility for both frontend and backend development of an application along with the understanding of database technologies and programming languages like Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, and Node.JS. They have opportunities to develop expertise in various skills related to project leadership.

Good Salary Package

As the demand for full-stack developers is increasing, they are one of the highest-paid professionals. It depends on their skill set and experience along with the consideration of the size and location of the company. The average salary is around $107,539 per annum.

Easy to learn and upskill

There is an abundance of technical courses available for learning full-stack development and there will be many options that can be taken as per your desire and educational background. Companies are expecting professionals who have certification in related fields and technologies along with full-stack development expertise. There are also training institutes to offer fresher and upskilling courses to launch your career in full-stack development. Choosing the right course and right skill is helping the students to have a better future in full-stack development.

Significant role in complicated projects

Full-stack developers can play an important role in crucial and critical project developments as they are well-versed in all the technologies. Upskilling with the latest technologies gives them a way to accelerate in their career with expected salary and growth.

Required skills for full stack developer

Following are the in-demand industrial skills required for obtaining a job in top companies.

  • Back-end development programming languages like PythonJava, or PHP.
  • Front-end development programming languages like HTML, Java, and JavaScript.
  • Security and Networking concepts.
  • Fundamental designing ability.
  • API knowledge along with cache and database management.
  • Server technologies and version control system.
  • Knowledge in GitGithubStackOverflow, and Source Tree.
  • Thorough understanding of web architecture.
  • Analytical mindset with time management skills.
  • Interest to learn continuously and creativity along with attention to details.

Full-stack developers are in high demand in startup application development companies as they can cut down the cost for a large project team with full-stack developers. It is always a smart choice for them to choose full stack developers who are all-rounder than the professional who has specialized in only one development layer of application development. Companies can shift full-stack developers easily from one project to other projects as they are skilled in overall process development. They will be more productive and agile to the company along with subject expertise.


Full-stack developers are considered a valuable asset to the company for they have a wide range of knowledge in application development. They can be flexible, agile, and adaptable as they have vast experience in software products and technologies. Any bachelor’s degree along with a certification in any desired technology is enough to launch a career in full-stack development. Learn Full Stack Developer Course in Chennai at SLA to get a good career transformation in application development.

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