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Java Developer Salary for Freshers

Published On: April 4, 2023

Java is used in a wide range of applications, including well-known desktop and mobile programs like Netflix and Spotify, gaming consoles, and word processors like Adobe and Microsoft Word. Your laptops, desktop computers, cell phones, and other devices that run programs use Java in some capacity. Language can be used in so many different situations. Because of this, the salary of a java developer is regarded as one of the highest in India. By taking Java training in Chennai, individuals can gain the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a lucrative career in Java development.

If any of this interests you, this article will teach you everything there is to know about Java, Java developers, Java Developers Salary in Chennai, Java Certification salary, the developer’s role and responsibilities, why Java is in demand, and much more.

Introduction to Java

The third-generation object-oriented programming language Java is used to create programs for a variety of platforms, including computers, navigational or monitoring systems, smartphones, and desktop applications.

You need to have a fundamental understanding of the terms for these three features

  • Object-oriented: Different objects have their own methods and processes that enable them to work with each other without difficulty due to object-oriented programming principles. As opposed to procedural programming, where each method must be written for an operation to function on data.
  • Concurrent: It is this quality that allows you to run multiple programs or code statements at once without having to stick to a strict schedule.
  • Independent: One of the few programming languages that can run programs on several devices or platforms is Java. It adheres to the adage “Write Once, Run Everywhere,” making it a flexible language.

They help you comprehend the in-depth characteristics of Java as a programming language.

Who is a Java developer?

A Java developer is a member of the software development team who uses Java, a flexible, cross-platform programming language, to create, design, and manage programs. In addition to running Java code, he or she also participates in the entire process of creating an application. A Java developer will make sure that an application is developed and deployed on a server effectively and efficiently, from programming to resolving issues.

Because so many large firms and developers rely on Java as a programming language for programming and developing apps, Java developers have an added advantage thanks to Java’s widespread adoption and highly competent flexibility. As a result, this serves as one of the explanations for why Java developers in India earn among the highest salaries.

Major Roles and Responsibilities of Java Developer

When working with a programming language as robust as Java, a developer’s role and responsibility become even more important.

A Java developer’s primary responsibilities and tasks include:

  • Planning, designing, carrying out, and managing the Java application process.
  • Create Java-based application code.
  • Keep up with the latest Java updates.
  • Code execution and development testing for the application software
  • Examine and fix the software program
  • Effective use of database management systems
  • Merge front-end and back-end application development testing with code programming.
  • Participate in all stages of the analysis of software applications.
  • Assist in keeping the software updated

Why is the salary of a Java developer in India so high?

A Java developer’s annual salary in India is Rs. 458,970. The pay scale ranges from a minimum of ₹200,000 per year to a maximum of ₹1,000,000 per year.

The salary of a java developer is significantly higher than that of other job positions because

  • Many great companies and employers require it.
  • This programming language is used to create sophisticated applications.
  • Because of the important role they play in the development team, Java developers demand a good pay structure.
  • Because the market is full of opportunities, this role is not going away anytime soon.

Factors Influencing the Salary of a Java Developer

Java Developer Salary: Experience-Based

A Java developer is more than just a coder. From design to deployment, he or she is in charge of the entire development process. The developer must have extensive experience in all aspects of the application development process in order to be effective in all aspects of the process.

Fresher (>1 year) – ₹293,272

Early Career (1-4 years) – ₹426,176

Mid Career (5-9 years) – ₹872,366

Experienced (<10 years) – ₹1,396,371

Java Developer Salary: Location Dependent

Every location has a unique set of opportunities and challenges. In India, metropolitan cities typically have more job opportunities than small towns. As a result, your location influences your pay structure far more than you realize.

Pune, Maharashtra – ₹217K – ₹1M

Bangalore, Karnataka – ₹242K – ₹1M

Chennai, Tamil Nadu – ₹200K – ₹909k

Mumbai, Maharashtra – ₹209K – ₹1M

Java Developer Salary: Based on the Employer

Starting your career at a startup or a large corporation may provide you with different learning opportunities as well as a different pay scale. In comparison to startups on the verge of becoming large, larger companies have larger responsibilities and more stable financial standing to pay their employees the average base salary.

Where you are hired will now play a significant role in determining your pay structure.

Some of the top companies in India that hire Java developers are

Tata Consultancy Services Limited


Infosys Limited


HCL Technologies Ltd.





IBM India Pvt. Ltd.

Dell, Inc

Java Developer Salary: Based on Skill Set

Large organizations frequently use Java to develop applications for a variety of platforms. A java developer’s skills can have a significant impact on his or her pay structure if he or she wants to stand out from the crowd.

Java/J2EE – ₹484,672

Spring Framework – ₹494,257

SQL – ₹406,071

Microservices – ₹745,000

Cloud Computing – ₹637,990

Amazon Web Services – ₹625,000

Java Developer Salary: Based on Job Role

While studying to become a Java developer, you will gain skills that will allow you to advance in your career. Numerous job roles may suit your skill set and level of responsibility.

Some of the job roles that a Java developer may be suitable for are as follows:

  • Software Developer ₹217k – ₹1m
  • DevOps Engineer ₹342k – ₹2m
  • Software Engineer ₹274k – ₹1m
  • Principal Architect ₹2m – ₹4m

Required Skills to Be a Java Developer

It is not easy to become a great Java developer. Aside from a strong interest in the language, you will need to acquire some skills. Every employer looks for a specific set of skills when hiring a Java developer.

Keep in mind that the skill set plays a role in determining the average salary of a Java developer in India.

  • Object-Oriented Principles Fundamentals
  • Basic knowledge of Relational Database Management Systems such as ORM or SQL
  • Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and Common Libraries. Guava, Apache Commons, Maven, and other popular examples are listed below.
  • GitHub and Git
  • Spring Framework: A vital factor of Java development that allows businesses to build web applications.
  • Knowledge of the Java Virtual Machine and its components is required.
  • Methodologies for Algorithms
  • Structures of Data

The Demand for Java Developers in India

  • Java is the most popular programming language.
  • The most popular programming language for today’s technological trends
  • No. 1 cloud programming language
  • There are 45 billion active JVMs worldwide.
  • Java is the most popular programming language among many organizations.
  • DevOps, AI, VR, Big Data, Continuous Integration, Analytics, Mobile, Chatbots, and Social are ranked first.

Wrapping Up

Java is a language with a strong personality. It gives you more freedom to experiment with software, platforms, and programs than any other language. It allows you to make changes to the code while it is running or run it on different platforms, which encourages creativity.

If you are an aspiring coder looking for a programming language to learn, Java is one of the best. Join SLA Institute’s Best Java Course in Chennai and expand your global opportunities.

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