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Python Developer Salary for Freshers

Published On: April 14, 2023

Python is the third most popular programming language, after Javascript (64.96%) and HTML/CSS (56.07%), thus it’s not surprising that interest in Python developer wages is rising. Essentially, Python was named as the top programming language by 48.24% of developers, followed by Java (47.08%) and SQL (35.35%), respectively, to round out the top 5.

Python’s recent surge in popularity has been impacted by the growing reliance of organizations on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data analysis (DA) to create digital solutions. Due to Python’s popularity, there is a rising need for Python developers, particularly in the US. Kick-start your desired career through our Python Training in Chennai at SLA.

What is Python?

Python is a general-purpose programming language that is often employed in task automation, scripting, data analysis, and software development. As a general-purpose language that can be used to create a variety of programmes and has an easy-to-understand syntax, it is one of the most widely used programming languages in use today.

Is Python Development in Demand?

Every programmer understands that Python is one of the programming languages that is most commonly used globally. Despite its widespread use, Python is not thought to be in high demand. You see, the reverse is true! Python is actually one of the most in-demand programming languages, and Python programmers earn some of the best salaries worldwide. In the US, the typical Python coder makes $96,000 annually, according to a recent survey.

Some factors contribute to Python’s acceptance and demand:

  • The versatile programming language that can be used for web development, artificial intelligence, scientific computing, etc.
  • Easy to learn makes it easy for beginners to become expertise
  • Larger library and tool collections to help developers with the projects
  • Industrial usage programming language that is used to create desktop apps to server-side web apps
  • AI is the key factor for the increased Python development

What Does a Developer in Python Do?

Writing reusable and effective code, and creating, delivering, and managing web applications are all part of the responsibilities of a Python developer, who works primarily on the back end of development projects. A Python developer typically works as a software engineer, data analyst, or web developer. Similar to other programming positions, the duties of a Python Developer may change based on the demands of your business. The main takeaway from this is that Python is useful for data analysis, machine learning, and web development. research in academia and scientific computing. In general, Python developers assist companies in designing and refining their technological infrastructures. Some well-known businesses that depend on the efforts of Python coders to run their platforms include Netflix, Google, and Instagram.

Python Developer Job Roles and Salaries

Software designers and programmers who utilize Python are known as Python developers.

Major Responsibilities of Python Developers

  • Write the code for the backend
  • Fix the issues.
  • Upkeep of the backend.

Python has also learned with data science and machine learning. Therefore, programmers utilize Python to analyze data using potent modules like NumPy and Pandas. As a result, there is now an enormous demand for Python developers. Similar to this, Python developers are in high demand in the machine learning community to design various machine learning models and methods.

Data Scientists

Simply coded statistics make up data science. Python has demonstrated its proficiency in data sorting using both general and particular criteria, alongside R.. Python data scientists earn more in India than software developers and DevOps programmers put together. This is because businesses constantly gather, purge, and process data nowadays because they require it to get market and customer information.

This calls for a specialized group of Python programmers that are skilled in data collecting and processing using tools like NumPy and Pandas. In large metros like Delhi-NCR and Mumbai as well as growing towns like Pune and Bangalore, data scientists are in high demand.

Responsibilities of Data Scientists

  • Assembling enormous volumes of structured and unstructured data and turning it into insights that may be put to use.
  • Identifying the data analytics solutions with the greatest potential to promote organizational progress.
  • Analyzing data using analytical methods like text analytics, machine learning, and deep learning to reveal patterns and trends that were previously concealed.
  • Promoting the use of data to solve challenging business problems.
  • Enhancing data accuracy and effectiveness through cleaning and validation.
  • Using data visualization to convey to the stakeholders in the firm all the useful observations and discoveries.

Data Science – Python Developer Salary for Freshers in India

Data scientists make $698,413 on average. A data scientist with less than a year of experience may anticipate earning around 500,000 annually. Entry-level data scientists with between one and four years of experience may expect to make around ₹610,811 per year.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

The phrases “artificial intelligence” and “machine learning” are merely catch-alls for a variety of uses that cut across fields of study and technological platforms. They also involve designing chatbots, web development, data analytics, robots, intelligent applications, and much more.

AI and machine learning (ML) has swept the nation since late 2017. For today’s AI/ML aficionados, frameworks like OpenCV, PyTorch, and TensorFlow have become household names.

Responsibilities of a Machine Learning Engineer

  • To investigate, alter, and use data science prototypes.
  • To develop plans and procedures for machine learning.
  • Using test results for statistical analysis and model improvement.
  • To create  easily available training datasets online.
  • Models and ML systems should be trained and updated as necessary.
  • To enhance and expand the existing ML frameworks and software packages.
  • To develop machine learning applications in line with user or client requirements.
  • To verify the potential for ML algorithms to solve issues and rank them as per success.

Machine Learning – Python Developer Salary For Freshers

A machine learning engineer with python skills typically makes $671,548 per year. With less than a year of experience, a machine learning engineer in India can earn one of the highest entry-level salaries of 500,000 per year. Naturally, the pay for entry-level machine learning engineers varies according to their area of expertise, market demand, and location.

Web Developers / Full Stack Developers

Demand for web development is always there. Python is a powerful and adaptable language that is ideal for web development. Amazing web applications that have withstood the test of time and user traffic have been made possible by frameworks like Django and Flask.

As a result, there is a significant shift away from PHP/.NET towards Python in the development market, which is driving up demand for Django and Flask developers. An illustration of a typical Python developer’s compensation package is the premium package of a Django web developer.

Full Stack Developer Salary for Freshers in India

For experience between one and four years, the typical annual income for python full stack developers in India is ₹309,161. The average yearly wage for an entry-level web developer with less than one year of experience is ₹225,076. The location has a significant impact on these figures; for example, a Python developer’s starting wage in Ahmedabad may be slightly lower than that in Bangalore, which offers more job opportunities.

Deciding Factors of Salary of Python Developers

The most frequently searched topic is “Python Developer Salary For Freshers in India.” It is safe to state that a Python Developer’s salary structure and professional advancement go hand in hand. The following four factors have the greatest influence on Python jobs salaries in India:


Let’s look at the Python developer salary in Chennai, India by the level of experience.

Freshers in Python Development – ₹4,27,293

Mid-Level Python Developer Salary – ₹9,09,818

Experienced Python Developer Salary – ₹11,50,000


With the highest salary of ₹700,717, Gurgaon is fast developing into a desirable city for Python developers. Python programmers in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley, receive ₹669,787. Python developers are paid the least in Hyderabad at ₹475,000. Pune and Chennai ₹540K for freshers. In Ahmedabad, the salary for a Python developer with no experience might range from ₹1 to 7 lakhs per year, depending on skills. 


To stay current with emerging trends, Python developers must constantly improve their skills. Some common technologies that Python developers should be familiar with are:

  • AWS – ₹ 141K
  • Django – ₹141K
  • Linux – ₹ 102K
  • Docker – ₹ 104
  • Cloud Computing – ₹ 99K
  • Machine Learning – ₹ 98K
  • Git – ₹81

Therefore, demand and salary for Python developers will increase dramatically as their proficiency in the aforementioned languages grows. A key factor in your choice is also how proficient you are with the Python tools.

Cross-check your Python skills through our recent Python Interview Questions and Answers and stand unique from the crowd.

Future Scope of Python Developers in India

Python programming language has gained popularity over the past few years. It has made it possible for developers to produce one-of-a-kind, interactive programs that capture users’ interest. The salary of a full-stack Python developer has also been impacted by this. India has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and big data, machine learning, and computer science are expanding quickly there. Python is well-liked in India because it is flexible. Additionally, the analytics sector enjoys its popularity due to its ease. Python programmers have a wide range of employment options thanks to the adoption of the language in a variety of industries, including healthcare and retail.

Python will become more widely accepted as AI and machine learning development in India. The full-stack python developer compensation will be determined by the experience of the developers, who will also benefit from the opportunity to obtain a significant amount of experience. Systems and applications can be made using programming languages like Python.

The Python programming language makes it easier for large businesses and search engine behemoths to complete jobs. Python programming is used by Google, Facebook, Quora, and Yahoo to solve their difficult programming difficulties. You must build your concepts in Python as soon as feasible as a result of this.

Required Skills for a Python Developer

Python proficiency is difficult to achieve. A full-stack Python developer’s salary is also impacted by this. It is a procedure that takes time even though it calls for sophisticated concepts and abilities. The following skill sets are necessary for you to succeed as a Python programmer:

  • Core Python Excellency
  • Complete Understanding of Python Framework


We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading about the Python developer starting pay in India along with Java Certification Salary and Python Salary in Chennai. These figures are only estimates. Your income is primarily determined by how well you use your skills, how quickly you move within the company, and how quickly you expand. You now understand why Python has been growing at such a rapid rate and how it has essentially impacted every industry. In turn, this is increasing demand in India for Python developers.

Learning Python and working as a Python Developer will earn you an incredible wage, whether you’re doing web development with Django, data science with NumPy, or both. Join SLA for the Best Python Training in Chennai and be versatile in your career.

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