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Spoken English Classes in Chennai

Published On: December 4, 2023

Learn how to elevate your communication skills and turn your passion into a wonderful career. Our spoken English course in Chennai at SLA Institute is useful for people who want to fine-tune their fluency, vocabulary, grammar, and accent. We train our learners for international certifications like IELTS and TOEFL. Join our spoken English classes and get personalized coaching at an affordable cost.

Spoken English Course in Chennai

English is the most widely spoken language in the world, with over 1.5 billion speakers as of 2023, according to Statistics & Data and the educational tool Babbel. This includes both non-native and native speakers. Our spoken English course will unlock tremendous job opportunities in India and around the world. If you are an IT aspirant, our blog is helpful to learn about the top 11 best tools and software for developers in 2023.

An Overview of Spoken English Training in Chennai

With SLA’s Spoken English Classes in Chennai, you can master the language from scratch. The population that speaks English is significantly higher than the population that speaks any other language. We couldn’t even attempt to identify the language that is used by the highest paying jobs in India for every activity related to the government, including all departments, media outlets, schools, official institutions, as well as companies and commercial groups. For this reason, having a strong command of the English language in both written and spoken forms is essential.

At SLA, we offer a spoken English course in Chennai that caters to students from basics to proficiency. We also incorporate a specialized syllabus to meet the distinctive learning goals of each student. Anyone who would like to improve their command over a variety of spoken English skills, including grammar, fluency, spelling, letter writing, sentence structuring, corporate speeches, group discussions, presentations, and email composition, should enroll in our spoken English classes in Chennai.

Our spoken English courses in Chennai incorporate personality development as a major component, including topics like writing skills, etiquette, meeting and greeting, communication, listening skills, and so on. The Institute was established with the goal of providing skilled English teachers with enjoyable, skill-focused spoken English coursework.

Benefits of Spoken English Training in Chennai

  • Using English could be one of your greatest skills. Our spoken English classes in Chennai will benefit you in a variety of situations, including travel, studying abroad (check out our top trending MBA specializations for 2023), moving overseas, and enhancing your employment opportunities. Think about the following:
  • English is the most widely used language on the Internet. Approximately 86% of scientists and researchers worldwide are multilingual in English.
  • The English language proficiency of 25% of the global population is intermediate to basic.
  • Certain jobs will simply not hire you if your English is not up to par. Among these positions are those of air traffic controller, diplomatic attaché, and computer/IT industry personnel.
  • Immigration officials will need proof of your English language proficiency if you wish to live and work in a nation where the language is widely spoken.

In conclusion, a proficient command of the English language is a prerequisite for advancement in both the personal and professional spheres in today’s globalized world. Explore how you can thrive in the IT industry by learning any course from these Top 10 Software Courses, along with spoken English classes in Chennai.

Scope of Spoken English Course in Chennai

Without any doubt, enrolling in spoken English classes in Chennai is never a waste of time or money. Studying is the best way to hone any skill, and since statistical evidence makes it abundantly clear that the consumption of anything increases its demand, there are plenty of English-speaking lessons available. You just must choose one to kick-start your career.

Eliminates the Obstacles in Your Career: It’s a well-known fact that employers always prefer candidates who speak English fluently. As a result, when candidates are being considered for promotions, their ability to communicate effectively checks cases. However, the satisfaction that comes from developing oneself is far more valuable than seeking a promotion or pay increase. Explore the data scientist salary for freshers in India in 2023.

Enhances Confidence: Do you know why coding skills are not enough for a developer to get hired? You have undoubtedly witnessed several instances where a person speaking fluent English at the heart of a conversation oozes confidence in whatever he says. Never forget that having excellent communication skills is always beneficial.

English is a Universal Language: English is spoken by around 1.5 billion people globally—that’s the same number as all of India’s population! It is estimated that 10% of Indians speak English, and this percentage is constantly rising as the number of English speakers in India has tripled. Its evident reach makes it an excellent incentive to improve your English communication skills.

English for Digital Communication: Conversely, digital communication is essential for everyone. There are already one billion websites on the internet, and that number is still growing! On the internet, English is the language that is most commonly used. Moreover, the websites emphasize the value of speaking English by having half of their content in that language.

Enhances Interaction Skills: There are a number of websites that encourage discussions and arguments on a variety of topics. Not only can you discuss these interesting topics, but you also need to be able to speak English fluently.

Employment Opportunities: Since most companies prefer to hire candidates who speak English well, you have probably skimmed through job postings on employment websites. Among the previously listed skill sets, it has the highest priority. It’s also important to remember that speaking English well increases your chances of getting employment abroad as well as in India.

Enhances Social Abilities: Here is a list of 18 skills all programmers need to have for a successful career in IT or any field. A language barrier could be keeping you from interacting with people. Take our spoken English course in Chennai to improve your interpersonal abilities.

Who Can Attend Our Spoken English Course in Chennai?

In our Spoken English Training Course in Chennai, we aim to train anyone with an interest, including college students, recent graduates, and working professionals.

  • Students in school or college can learn how to improve their communication abilities from the ground up with consistent practice.
  • Our technical course can help freshers launch their professions by certifying them for spoken English courses.
  • With our spoken English classes in Chennai, professionals with any kind of background may transform their careers.

Being one of the top spoken English training institutes in Chennai, SLA Institute offers coaching for certification programs like IELTS/TOEFL in addition to preparing students for job opportunities with a dedicated placement team.

Prerequisites to enroll in our Spoken English Classes in Chennai

Self-motivation is the only prerequisite you need to enroll in a spoken English course at the SLA Institute. It enhances the performance of learners and it will be easy for us to prepare you to speak fluently within the period of the technical course in which you enroll. You may be thinking of choosing a career in IT but discovering the top reasons to migrate to the IT field will motivate you to land a job easily.

Learning Outcomes of our Spoken English Course in Chennai

Our spoken English course curriculum includes exclusive speaking practices, techniques, and strategies for effective communication. The modules in our spoken English classes will help you develop your communication skills and improve your confidence from various perspectives. At the end of our spoken English classes in Chennai, you will be able to:

  • Prepare interviews with your special skills and motivations
  • Deliver structured presentations in client meetings with fine-tuned voice and gestures
  • Provide clearer speech through the practices on pronunciation features and word stress
  • Build your vocabulary and interaction skills for a wide range of topics
  • Develop your etiquette when attending corporate meetings, such as giving opinions, reacting to an agreement, and interrupting politely.
  • Present proposals using appealing pitches during presentations through extensive practice on syllables, expressions, voice modulation strategies, and natural sounds.
  • Participate in debate as we provide practice with our group discussions, phrases, functional languages, corporate jargon, and so on.
  • Excel in your career with a higher level of collaboration skills.

Why Spoken English Training in Chennai with SLA?

SLA is the top training provider for spoken English training in Chennai. With our faculty team’s combined expertise of over 15 years, we provide industry-standard IT training courses for freshers, that are in high demand across the globe. Our trainers for spoken English have come up with a curriculum that is specifically designed to help students become fluent in English speaking. We guarantee top-notch communication skills that are sought after by companies across the globe.

We give every candidate the resources they need to achieve any job goal, and we offer 100% placement support with the best salary opportunities at a reasonable spoken English course cost in Chennai at SLA.

Spoken English Course Syllabus

The duration of SLA’s spoken English training in Chennai is primarily three months. English comprehension and speech are taught here. Intense practice and concentration are the only ways to succeed in this course. One will communicate better the more they say. The following is a list of some of the topics covered in our spoken English course:

  • Phrases and Idioms
  • Phonics and Pronunciations
  • Grammar Rules
  • Vocabulary and Word Formation
  • Listening and Comprehension
  • Email and Document Writing Skills
  • Oral Expression of English
  • Corporate Speech
  • Interview Preparation

Download your free copy of our spoken English course syllabus here.

Real-time Hands-on in our Spoken English Classes

SLA Institute offers placement assistance in addition to mock exams, which help students get ready for difficult exam situations, such as IELTS and TOEFL.

Learner Reviews

Explore the comments provided by our students, who received guidance from our knowledgeable instructors. In addition to spoken English classes, SLA Institute offers high-quality training that prepares students for jobs in prestigious firms by giving them skills relevant to the workplace with all software courses.

I would like to thank the SLA Spoken English Trainers team for their efforts in giving me a fair and sufficient number of opportunities. I appreciate all of the extra classes you offered to help me improve my communication and collaborative skills. – Annadurai

I’m having a great time learning at SLA and am grateful for the support I’m receiving from the placement staff and facilities. Being an IT engineer is a dream come true, along with spoken English classes in Chennai. – Karpagam

I had an excellent time learning a spoken English course in Chennai at SLA. I have appreciated the classes as the trainers have provided real-time examples to clarify concepts. I sincerely appreciate everyone at training and placement for their unwavering assistance. – Faruk

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to master spoken English?

The goal of studying spoken English is to become more proficient in communicating. Speaking English fluently would facilitate better communication with customers and business executives during presentations and interviews with prestigious firms. At SLA, take the best spoken English training in Chennai.

How is spoken English used in day-to-day communication?

The languages of aviation, science, computers, tourism, and so on are all in English. Possessing strong English communication skills will help you get jobs in a multinational corporation both domestically and overseas. English is the language of the internet and facilitates contact between people worldwide. Thus, spoken English classes in Chennai improve your social skills in addition to helping you get employment. Learning English is never a regret since it opens up so many new possibilities.

What are the essentials to be eligible for SLA Institute’s spoken English classes in Chennai?

A minimum class 10 pass is required to be eligible for entry to the Spoken English course. A minimum of 50% in grade 12 is also required by certain of the institutions. For other institutions, there might be some further requirements. Students who meet the eligibility requirements may enroll in our spoken English course.

Why should I join the SLA Institute to receive spoken English training?

For spoken English training in Chennai, SLA is excellent since we provide hands-on sessions and a curriculum that complies with industry requirements. We offer qualified teachers with a focus on fluency in English. Once the course is over, you can get a specialized certification that will improve your resume.

What is the duration of the spoken English course at SLA?

The main goal of our spoken English sessions is to improve students’ global fluency. For this, we will give you in-depth training that blends theory and practice. The spoken English training at SLA in Chennai lasts for approximately three months.

How can I enroll in SLA’s spoken English course in Chennai?

You can enlist by visiting our office in KK Nagar, Chennai, or by contacting us by phone at 8870767784. For spoken English classes in Chennai, schedule a free demo class today.

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