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Full Stack Developer Salary for Freshers

Published On: April 19, 2023

This blog post will go through a full-stack web developer’s responsibilities, salary, scope, required abilities, and career opportunities in India and other nations. Join SLA Institute to get the Best Full Stack Developer Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

What is Full Stack Development?

Everyone is aware that nothing can stay static, with the exception of technology. Since the dawn of time, it has been evolving. The tech industry has thrived even in turbulent times, not just surviving but also passing with flying colors.

While the pandemic affected many people, it surely helped the field of full-stack development. The process of creating software that concentrates on both the front end (client-side) and back end (server-side) elements of a web application is known as full-stack development. The front-end of an application is the visual side with which a user may interact, whereas the back end or server side is concerned with constructing and maintaining the website’s behind-the-scenes functionality, which the user cannot see.

Who is a Full Stack Developer?

A Full Stack Web developer is a professional who is familiar with and understands both front-end and back-end programming. The developer has extensive expertise and the ability to construct a fully functional web application. The most important aspect is that s/he understands the distinctions between the various jobs they play. The term ‘full-stack’ is justified since a full-stack developer should be familiar with all of the layers in any of the stacks favored by the developer, such as The MEAN, The MERN, and The LAMP.

Front-End: The client-side of a web application with which the user interacts. The developer will concentrate on coding the user interface.

Back-End: Everything that happens behind the scenes in a web application is referred to as the server-side or back-end. A back-end developer is in charge of an application’s or website’s basic functionality.

Database: A database is a location where you can store data for any project or application you are working on. MYSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and more major databases are listed below.

DevOps: It is a mechanism for bridging the gap between development and operations teams. They collaborate as a team to produce faster, more dependable, and better outcomes when developing an application.

Because of the obvious remarkability of stepping beyond a specialism, a Full Stack Developer Salary for Freshers in Chennai is among the highest paid jobs in the India.

Roles and Responsibilities of Full Stack Developer

A full-stack developer does not have to be a superhero who knows everything and can fix anything. Their role differs from that of other specialized developers not in terms of specialization but of proficiency.

Employers who hire full-stack developers assign them diverse work duties, but they all value a developer’s versatility and efficiency. They will want you to have a solid understanding of both user-side and server-side development (i.e. frontend and backend).

As a result, prior to the definite work description, you should be prepared for the position you’re entering and the commitment required.

The major roles and responsibilities of a full-stack developer are as follows:

  • Obtaining project specifications from clients and stakeholders
  • Creating the application’s server-side
  • Investigating project needs and developing solutions
  • Create the application’s front end.
  • Establishing databases and servers
  • Development testing for code bugs
  • Changing codes with hardware and software
  • Using logical testing processes to solve problems
  • Optimization for multiple platforms

With the particular roles and responsibilities for a full stack developer outlined above, it is evident that one might pursue a variety of job positions in their professional career. Your skill set diversification will enable you to discover diverse career options with a greater salary.

The following are some excellent work opportunities for which you may be qualified.

  • Project manager
  • System architect
  • Team Leader
  • Database Engineer
  • Development operations engineer

Required Skills to Become Full Stack Developer

The following full stack developer skills are required:

  • Understanding of fundamental front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • At least one server-side programming language, such as Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, and so forth.
  • The mechanism for database management and caching
  • Server and configuration administration
  • Some of the examples for version control systems are GitHub, BeanStack, and GitLab.
  • UI/UX design fundamentals
  • Project management abilities
  • Security Consciousness
  • The agile development methodology is used to carry out the vision with interdisciplinary tasks in a timely and disorderly manner.
  • Create an MVP (minimum viable product) and problem-solving skills, as you will be expected to be the go-to person for any technical difficulties encountered when developing an application.

A diverse full-stack developer should have the following soft skills in addition to technical skills:

  • Flexibility in Attitude
  • Open to Learn and Upskill
  • Attention to Detail
  • Time Management
  • Excellent Communication Skill

Career Scope of a Full Stack Developer

You might be surprised to learn that during 2023, full-stack developers are in high demand. According to the Glassdoor ‘Developer Skills Report 2022’, full-stack engineers will be the most in-demand skill pool in 2020. According to 38% of hiring managers, it will be the most crucial position to fill in 2020.

What does the future hold for an Indian full-stack developer?

If you are a fresher in this profession and are certain that there aren’t many opportunities for full-stack developers, we have a fact check for you. This position’s high demand and adaptability open several options for both the employer and the employee. This career path benefits from the following factors:

Multifaceted Market: Previously, small businesses relied solely on full-stack developers. However, the market for them has recently grown. Big Multinational Corporations desire to hire developers who work in areas other than their primary specialization.

Greater accountability = greater productivity: Working on both the client side and the server side of the application offers them an advantage over other developers. Makes you a jack of all trades, helping you to understand multiple topics at once, resulting in increased productivity.

Growth is unending: The irony of this ever-changing, ever-evolving role is that growth is a constant. Because a full-stack developer is not a specialized developer, there will always be learning points and possibilities.

High Market Value: A full-stack developer is the new face of web development and technology. Because the entire IT industry is evolving around this employment position, every brilliant marketer wants to hire a full-stack developer, a ‘know it all’ for themselves. Their versatile character is in high demand.

Good Paid Job in India: There is no doubt the salary of a full stack developer in the escalating graph. Employers recognize their broad range of expertise in the workplace, which necessitates a high salary. As a result, the money vs passion debate will not be a major issue in this profession.

Limited Workforce: Many developers consider themselves to be full-stack developers, but very few can genuinely execute this diverse job. As a result, there aren’t many of you if you believe you’re good at everything. Apply for this job where people are eager to hire you.

Productivity: Diverse Skills = Multiple Responsibilities = High Productivity

Adaptability in this field promotes growth and upskilling. So, if you are a serious student, investigate this subject for everyday growth opportunities and a brighter future.

Full Stack Developer Salary for Freshers in India

Here’s everything you need to know about the salary of a full-stack web developer.

A full-stack developer’s annual base salary in India is ₹ 582,659. This figure could range from ₹ 1400 K to ₹ 300 K.  A full-stack developer’s salary in India is undoubtedly among the highest-paid career positions. However, it should be remembered that numerous factors influence salary, including experience, skills, geographic location, and company.

Salary Based on Employer

Salary structures change between organizations based on their ideology. Here is a list of the top 10 companies that provide the best full-stack developer salary for freshers in India, along with their projected base salary.

RecruitersAverage Salary
TCS₹ 4,52,846
IBM₹ 6,59,371
Accenture₹ 5,30,241
Report Garden₹ 8,09,013
Gale Partners₹ 8,18,863
Infosys₹ 4,24,000
CTS₹ 6,25,000
Wipro₹ 4,20,826
Oracle₹ 13,90,000
Posist Tech₹ 9,95,000

Experience-Based Full Stack Developer Salary in India

There is never a debate about the importance of experience in determining your wage. A solid experience with a reputable organization gives you an advantage over many new entrants.

  • A full stack developer salary for freshers in India is ₹ 3,75,000
  • A full-stack developer with 1-4 years of experience earns an annual salary of ₹ 5,53,006 on average.
  • An employee with 5-9 years of mid-level experience can earn around ₹ 12-14 lakhs.

Location-Based Full Stack Developer Salary for Freshers

Many of India’s leading recruiters have their headquarters in large cities such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, and Delhi. This has a big impact on the full-stack developer salary for freshers in India.

The following is the estimated average full-stack web developer salary with early-year experience in these locations:

Bangalore₹ 7,02,000
Hyderabad₹ 7,04,000
Pune₹ 7,02,000
Chennai₹ 6,00,000
Delhi₹ 6,51,000
Kolkata₹ 4,79,000
Ahmedabad₹ 6,06,000
Mumbai₹ 7,38,000

Skill-Based Full Stack Developer Salary for Freshers in India

A full-stack developer’s salary can vary depending on how many skills they have received training in. It is simply not just the quantity but also the quality. Many aspects within the skill set come into play when determining a full-stack developer’s salary in India.

  • A Full Stack Developer with JavaScript earns an average pay of ₹5,96,018 per year.
  • A Full Stack Developer with React.js Skills earns an average income of ₹5,62,493.
  • A Full Stack Developer with Python Skills earns an average of ₹3,37,037 per year.
  • A Full Stack Developer with Angular Skills earns an average income of ₹9,26,653.
  • A Full Stack Developer with Node.js Skills earns an average income of ₹5,99,993.

Wrapping Up

Full-stack developers are the technological unicorns. They are the ‘know-it-alls,’ which makes them in high demand. Their versatile and flexible approach to learning and working benefits employers, making them one of the highest-paid professions in India. A full-stack developer’s compensation in India for a new or seasoned employee is at its peak, with several job opportunities. Enroll in our Full Stack Developer Training in Chennai at SLA to explore your full potential.

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