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UI/UX Course in Chennai

Published On: December 4, 2023

Build appealing designs for websites with our IBM-certified UI/UX course in Chennai. Learn from scratch all the UI/UX design concepts through a comprehensive curriculum and hands-on exposure. Enjoy free placement assistance for high-paying web development jobs at SLA Institute, the leading placement training institute in Chennai.

Best UI/UX Training in Chennai

A UI/UX developer is a specialist who creates and improves the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of websites, web applications, and, in some cases, mobile apps. This position frequently combines design and front-end development. The job of UI/UX designers is crucial to ensuring that digital products are simple to use, visually appealing, and functional.

The prospects for UI/UX designers are bright because of an increase in demand for seamless user experiences across industries. Here is your compact guide to adding a chat feature to any web or mobile app.

  • UI (User Interface) design developers are responsible for the visual components of a digital product. To provide a unified and visually acceptable design, they establish the layout, color palettes, typography, and graphic components. They give special attention to the product’s branding and visual identity.
  • UX (user experience) concerns how customers engage with a product. It prioritizes user-friendliness by creating easy navigation, user processes, and information structure. They do user research and develop wireframes and prototypes to test and improve the user experience.

Get fundamental web development skills through our web designing training in Chennai with popular tools and technologies like PHP, Python, Java, HTML, etc. at SLA Institute.

Learning Objectives of UI/UX Training in Chennai

The major purpose of this UI/UX course in Chennai at SLA is to make using a product, such as an app or a website, simple and pleasurable. This course will introduce you to the theoretical ideas of user interfaces and design principles to obtain the highest-paying jobs in India and abroad. By the completion of this UI/UX course, you will learn how to address situations systematically and have a good understanding of design thinking techniques for creating excellent user experiences.

  • To design with intention, understand the terminology and principles of UI/UX design.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the complete design life cycle—process, purpose, and tools.
  • Understand the fundamentals of HCI (human-computer interaction) and the psychology of user decision-making.
  • Learn about industry-standard tools and project deliverables in UI/UX.
  • Using assignments and your personal portfolio, explain why you made design selections.
  • Be familiar with iterative, user-centered design of graphical user interfaces.
  • Apply user interfaces to various devices and needs;
  • Produce high-quality professional documentation and design artifacts.

Scope of UI/UX Course in Chennai

Learning the best UI/UX training in Chennai brings a wonderful scope for any aspirant who wants to work in the tech field. Because of the increasing relevance of user-centered design in the digital world, the future scope of UI/UX developers is bright and evolving. Read our article for tips on how to introduce yourself in a job interview. Consider the following crucial points:

Diverse Industries: UI/UX designers are needed in a variety of industries, including technology, e-commerce, healthcare, finance, and others, resulting in a diverse range of work prospects.

Increasing Demand: The need for UI/UX scope will continue to grow in the future as organizations recognize the importance of creating excellent user experiences in order to remain competitive.

Mobile and Web Apps: As mobile and web applications become more popular, UI/UX designers will be in great demand to create user-friendly interfaces for these platforms.

Emerging Technologies: Because these technologies demand user-friendly interfaces, UI/UX designers will be essential to the development of top trending technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Data-Driven Design: In the future, UI/UX designers will find great value in the capacity to examine user data and make judgments about their designs based on their findings.

Cross-Functional Coordination: UI/UX designers are valuable team players because they collaborate with developers, product managers, and other team members.

Constant Learning: To be competitive in the field, it will be essential to stay up to speed with design trends, tools, and technology.

Freelancing Work Possibilities: Because UI/UX work is flexible and has a worldwide job market, it is possible to work freelance or remotely.

Global Reach: Because of their diversified skill set, UI/UX designers will have a global reach in the future. It gives students the chance to broaden their horizons and work on initiatives around the world.

Entrepreneurship: By leveraging their UI/UX skills to meet customer needs, designers with an entrepreneurial mindset can start their own design firms or products.

Check out our recent blog that explains mobile app testing and the best practices for testing mobile applications.

Prerequisites for learning UI/UX Course in Chennai

There are no official prerequisites for learning UI /UX design courses in Chennai at SLA. Within a few hours, newbies may quickly obtain a UI layout design tool and start exploring. There are a few things, nevertheless, that students who are passionate about learning UI/UX design should want to know before beginning their coursework.

  • Applications of UI design
  • Principles of composition and design

Who should attend our UI/UX training in Chennai?

If you are an aspiring UI/UX designer from any background, then you are eligible to attend our UI/UX design courses in Chennai at SLA Institute.

  • Freshers with degrees in B.Sc. or M.Sc. CS/IT, BCA or MCA, B.Tech. IT, BE ECE, or any other engineering discipline can benefit from our UI/UX training in Chennai.
  • Anybody with a diploma is eligible to enroll in our UI/UX training institute in Chennai to start their web development career.
  • Working professionals with prior expertise in non-IT domains like tech support, BPO, KPO, or process associates, as well as IT, can take UI/UX courses to transition into the web development industry.

Job Profiles in the UI/UX Design Field

The UI/UX job sits at the center of user research, design, and strategy following a UI/UX design course. UI/UX designers produce user journeys, mockups, and wireframes. To advance the greatest UI/UX practices, they collaborate closely with the design and development teams.

Understanding user demands, creating interfaces, and testing a design’s usability are the responsibilities of a UI/UX designer. It is their responsibility to guarantee customer pleasure by improving the product’s general usability, accessibility, and overall experience. These abilities can be given to students with our UI/UX certification course in Chennai with IBM authorization at SLA Institute. Moreover, it helps you earn the best IT salary in India. The following profiles are associated with UI/UX jobs.

UX Designer: They are responsible for carrying out user research activities like card sorting, prototype testing, and user interviews; carrying out competitive analysis; analyzing study data to identify user preferences and pain points; making journey maps and personas; making site maps and other deliverables related to information architecture; and producing prototypes and wireframes while working with a cross-functional team.

UI Designer: They are in charge of performing competitor analysis to determine how users might anticipate the product to look and behave based on their experience with similar products, either independently or in conjunction with UX designers. Developing prototypes and wireframes to convey the UI’s appearance and feel prior to development, giving developers the designs, and creating and keeping up a user interface style guide to guarantee design coherence

UX/UI Designer: A UX/UI designer manages the responsibilities of a UI designer along with a UX designer. One person may be in charge of both, even though it’s usually preferable for different people to handle these distinct tasks at small businesses or those with limited UX teams.

UX Manager: They are in charge of allocating team members to tasks, showcasing the group’s knowledge within the business, and making sure the group keeps growing as professionals. Large projects are typically led and overseen by UX managers as well.

UX Researcher: User Experience (UX) researchers focus on studying users of a product. This implies they should feel at ease using a range of methods, such as user surveys, A/B testing, and interviews, to gather both qualitative and quantitative data. Additionally, UX researchers examine the data and report back to the UX team with their findings and suggestions.

UX Writer: One of the more recent positions in the field is “UX Writer.” All of the text you read, hear, or come across when using a digital product is written by user experience (UX) writers, who specialize in creating material that makes the product easier for users to comprehend and use. This entails focusing on user needs rather than marketing objectives when creating elements such as microcopy, calls to action, and error messages.

UX Strategist: A user experience designer who also knows how to apply and execute business ideas is known as a UX strategist. They are frequently in charge of choosing a content strategy for a product that strikes a balance between user wants and business requirements, as well as creating business goals in collaboration with customers and stakeholders.

UI/UX Course Syllabus

Industry experts who have 10+ years of experience have designed our UI/UX course curriculum. It covers all significant skills such as clickstream analysis, design thinking, empathy mapping, gestalt principles, heuristics evaluation, information and interaction design, microcopy, persona mapping, product designing, prototyping, UI and visual designing, usability testing, user-centered design, user experience design, and wireframing. Get started with our UI/UX course in Chennai at SLA to kick-start your professional design career effectively.

Project Practices

App Layout for Smart TV: Developing a smart TV app layout might be a great way to expand your portfolio of UX design tasks.

Chatbot: Due to ChatGPT’s recent launch, chatbot technology has become a trend. So, this is yet another great chance for UX designers.

Website Landing Page: Produce a design that is both eye-catching and captivating for a website, as it is the first impression of visitors.

Email Template: Display the designs you’ve created that have assisted clients in reaching their marketing objectives or open rates.

Career Path of UI/UX Designer

Becoming a UI/UX specialist helps you address the problems that arise in web development. The steps needed to become a UI/UX designer are as follows:

  • Understanding the design direction: You must choose the role that you want.
  • Learn the right tools necessary for UI/UK skills. Modern software like Figma
  • Get focused on design direction with regular practice with color, font, gradient, etc.
  • Surround yourself with a variety of designs using portfolios like Behance, Dribble, etc.
  • Find mentors who help you do more and it is the best path ever for building your UI/UX career.
  • Join a professional UI/UX course that comes with industry-valued certification.
  • Create your CV and portfolio

Jumpstart your UI/UX career through our IBM-certified UI/UX training institute in Chennai. You can also enroll in our trending courses to accelerate your career in your desired field.

Significant Features of UI/UX Course in Chennai

Providing customers with a subpar experience damages the company’s reputation. Here are some of the best results that investing in UX design may have for your career.

Enhance the Situation: Good UX design is produced through user research, information organization, mockup creation, user testing, and integration of these processes. A UX designer does more for your solution than just make it seem good. A UX designer can help to avoid demands.

Cut Down on Development Costs: There is a widespread misconception that projects become more costly and time-consuming when UX design is included during product development. When a clever concept is executed well, you can save money and time.

Enhancement of Customer Loyalty and Retention: If you can provide users with an improved experience, they will be happier and more satisfied. If you can make your users’ lives easier and better, there’s a good chance they will love you and your product.

Less training and customer support are necessary: In our digital age, no one has the time to read a user manual. The majority of people want to utilize a product right away and discover more about it along the way. If a digital product has a more intuitive user interface and user experience, it will take users less time to get familiar with its features and/or functionalities.

Prevent Waste to Save Resources and Money: The last benefit of investing in top-notch UX design is the number of resources and money saved. A study found that developers have to spend half of their time fixing issues that may be avoided if the UX design were to be redesigned.

Accelerate your web design skills by learning our full-stack training in Chennai at SLA.


The learning experience at SLA for UI/UX Training in Chennai is good and the projects and activities assigned by trainers give an in-depth understanding of web development concepts. The trainers have strong patience in clearing doubts and queries. I got good placement assistance from dedicated trainers and they offered me coaching along with interview arrangements. Thanks a lot to SLA. – Sangeetha. K

I had a great experience in the UI/UX course in Chennai at SLA. It took only three months for the course to be completed, along with hands-on exposure and the faculty are very friendly and helpful. I can do well in my job using UI/UX design concepts through the wonderful training of SLA. I am thankful for the placement team, as they put more effort into placing me in good company. – Vaanathi

The trainers at SLA are extremely great for UI/UX training. The way they have taught and the syllabus they have designed are all awesome and industry-related. The placement cells were very supportive and encouraged me to try one more time with new opportunities. Thanks a lot, SLA Institute for the Best UI/UX Training in Chennai – Sebastian


What is the purpose of learning UI/UX?

UI/UX designers make an application, website, or other interactive media’s user interfaces attractive. Before creating concepts that may be illustrated using storyboards, they work in tandem with engineers and product managers to ascertain user requirements. Moreover, they process sitemaps and flows. Learn the best UI/UX course in Chennai at SLA.

Why is UI/UX important for websites?

UI/UX is essential because a thoughtfully created user interface anticipates and makes sense of the preferences of the user. A great user interface design prioritizes a number of elements, such as accessibility, efficacy, responsiveness, and appearance. Hone your UI/UX skills in our software training institute in Chennai.

Is UI/UX design a good career for the future?

The data indicates an increase in demand for UX designers. The hiring rate for web developers and UI/UX designers is predicted to expand by 23% between 2021 and 2031, substantially faster than average, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Explore a wide range of web design careers through our UI/UX course in training in Chennai.

Will AI replace UI/UX jobs?

AI won’t take the place of UI/UX designers entirely. The distinct human viewpoint and inventiveness that designers contribute are invaluable. But the world of AI is changing, and with it, technologies that considerably improve and help the design process.

Does UI/UX require coding skills?

If you’re considering a job in UI/UX design or are new to the area, you might be wondering if having some knowledge of code is necessary. The good news is that becoming a UI/UX designer doesn’t necessarily require knowing how to code.

Why should I learn UI/UX training at SLA Institute?

Because we offer practical sessions and a training curriculum that adheres to industry standards, SLA is fantastic for UI/UX training in Chennai. We have experienced instructors who specialize in web development.

How much does UI/UX training cost?

The cost of UI/UX courses may be close to ₹75,000. Our UI/UX certification courses, however, start at an affordable cost of ₹20,000. Call our career counselor at 88707 67784 to learn more about the deals and discounts that SLA is now offering for UI/UX training in Chennai.

How long does it take to learn a UI/UX course at SLA?

We will provide you with thorough instruction that combines theory and practice for this. The duration of the UI/UX training in Chennai at SLA is between three and six months.

Does SLA offer help with UI/UX training placement?

On the first day, we begin providing unique placement help to prepare our pupils to face global problems. Our diligent work enables our pupils to advance in their jobs. Partnering with over 300 credible companies globally, SLA Institute hires people. These companies provide jobs for UI/UX designers as well as related positions. In our premier UI/UX training institute in Chennai, we have a specialized placement team to help students with their job search.

How can I enroll in SLA’s UI/UX training in Chennai?

You may apply by visiting our office in KK Nagar, Chennai, or by giving our career counselor a call at 88707 67784. For the best UI/UX training in Chennai, schedule a free demo.

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