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Top 15 Interesting Facts about Java

Published On: December 7, 2023

Developers have an enhanced and more seamless experience with Sun Microsystems’ high-level programming language. Millions of developers choose Java as their first choice at the moment. More than 95% of businesses utilize Java as their main programming language. This article’s primary goal is to present the top 10 interesting facts about Java. Before we dive into the core, we have a question. Have you read any of these 9 best Java-related books for beginners in 2023? If not, check them out—just a click away.

Oak is its Original Name

Coffee is the unexpected source of Java’s name! Java was named while James Gosling was enjoying a cup of coffee. Gosling’s love of coffee served as inspiration for the creation of the beverage. The language was originally called “Oak,” but Java was later added to it to reflect the rich culture around coffee in Indonesia, home to the world’s best coffee farms. 

Given that the magic number “0xCafeBabe” in the class files was titled after the cafe where the Java crew frequented to get coffee, there appears to be some truth. Explore the top 10 reasons why you should study Java.

WORA is its Principle

The fact that Java is platform-neutral is one of its greatest advantages. The “Write Once, Run Anywhere” (WORA) idea is to blame for this. Writing Java code results in its compilation into bytecode, which is compatible with any Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and can operate on any host operating system. Because of this, Java has emerged as the preferred language for creating cross-platform apps. Again, we have a question for you. You choose Java or Python: Which is the preferred programming language for you?

May 23, 1995, is its Birthday

Java, like all other innovations, has a birthday! Java 1.0 was officially released on May 23, 1995. Although there have been many upgrades and advancements to the language since then, this day is still a significant turning point in the development of Java. Enhance your confidence by ensuring your skills through our frequently asked Java interview questions and answers.

Duke is its Official Name for the Logo

Duke is a cute, arm-and-leg coffee cup figure that serves as Java’s official mascot. Since its introduction in 1996, Duke has come to represent Java. It is present at Java conferences, events, and on a range of products related to Java. Here are some Java programs for your practice at leisure.

Present Java Version

The most recent version of Java, or JDK 21 or Java 21, was released on September 19, 2023 (you can verify your computer’s Java version by reading this article). The most recent long-term support release (LTS) for the Java SE platform is JDK 21, which takes the place of JDK 17. Discover the highest-paying IT jobs in India and enhance your skills accordingly.

Minecraft was its first Game App

Among the all-time most-played video games is Minecraft. The reason why its inventor, Notch, initially built the game in Java was that it was a programming language he was familiar with. Following its acquisition by Microsoft, the new owner of Minecraft launched a C++ version of the game. Get acquainted with data types in Java for developing game apps easily using the Java programming language.

Java Influences IoT Ecosystem

Although Java is most known for its contribution to web development, it is also an important component of the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. As IoT is the reason for an increasingly connected world, it is one of the top 10 trending technologies. Java is a great option for creating embedded systems, integrating different IoT devices, and facilitating interaction because of its scalability and portability. 

Java for Android Development

Is your Android mobile user-friendly? It is Java Swing that creates graphical user interfaces on Java-based mobile devices. You have most likely used Java-powered apps on your Android tablet or smartphone without realizing it. Java is the main language used to write Android applications; hence, it plays a major role in Android app development. But it’s important to remember that Java’s hegemony may eventually shift with the introduction of Kotlin, an official Android programming language.

Highest-Paying IT Domain

Do you want to know the salary of Java freshers at the top MNC companies in India? $83,975.00 is the median salary for a Java developer. Yes, Java developers make good money, and they are taking advantage of this fact. Globally, there are roughly 9 million Java developers.

Open-source is its Nature

Sun Microsystems created Java initially, and then in 2006 it released the Java Development Kit (JDK) as free software. As a result of this endeavor, the OpenJDK was created and is currently the Java reference implementation. The Java platform is easily accessible, modifiable, and extensible to developers globally. Get to know what the job market is for Java-certified people through our recent article.

Go-to Tool for Global Industries

95% of global businesses utilize the Java programming language. That is far greater than all of the languages combined, including C. Java is a preferred option for creating enterprise-level applications due to its scalability and resilience. Many significant organizations, including banks, e-commerce sites, and government agencies, rely on Java for their essential business systems.

Extensive Java Platforms

Platforms for Java include:

JavaSE: The Java Standard Edition with all the necessary built-in libraries and features

J2EE: Java Enterprise Edition comes with every framework and library required to develop an application by big businesses.

JavaME: Java Micro Edition comes with libraries and frameworks for making apps for tablets and smartphones.

JavaFX: It is for building rich client applications that run well on many platforms.

Final has four meanings in Java

  • Final class: there is no way to extend this class
  • Final method: this approach cannot be overridden
  • final field: it is a constant field
  • final variable: Once assigned, a variable’s value cannot be altered.

Learn more about method overloading vs method overriding in Java 

TIOBE Index: It is its Crown

Java is consistently ranked among the top programming languages by the TIOBE index, which indexes programming language popularity. Java’s huge ecosystem and broad usage across global sectors guarantee its continued relevance and appeal to developers. Check out these 15 tips about Java training in Chennai from industry experts.

Java vs Google

Google and Oracle are engaged in a protracted legal struggle concerning Java’s usage in the Android operating system. Oracle stands to earn an impressive $8.8 billion should it prevail in the litigation. After a federal judge found in favor of Oracle and instructed Google to file a request for an additional ruling with the district court, the legal struggle was about to go into its second hearing.

Secure your Future with Java at SLA

The qualities, applications, and outcomes are the reason for Java to be the most in-demand programming language in the IT sector. Its. Above all, what sets it apart is that it works with both web and mobile applications. Choose our best Java training in Chennai to make a name for yourself in the development industry.

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